Zero To $200,000 In One Month – How To Launch Your Own Info Product

The following video is a presentation I did at Product Camp SoCal. It features a real-life case study on how I created an information product in 28 days, marketed it online, and made $200,000 of sales in the first month. All done with a starting budget of less than $1000.

The case study centers around the Work From No Home info product that Peng Joon and I launched back on August 3. I showed what an info product is and how we create it, how we set up the site, the sales pages, the member’s area, the affiliate JV page, etc. I also show how we marketed the product on ClickBank to get it to the top of the ClickBank marketplace. Even after four months, Work From No Home is still the number two product on ClickBank, selling 40 to 60 units a day.

As a bonus, I included the Q&A. The entire video is about 50 minutes long. I recommend you grab a drink, pull up a chair, a note pad, and enjoy. I welcome your comments on the video. If you have any questions, leave it in the comments and I’ll get to them.