You’re Missing Out – Email RSS Subscriptions

What would you say your main goal of blogging is?

Is it to make money, to get an audience, to share your thoughts, etc? Interesting enough, nearly all of those goals center around 1 key factor. Visitors.

One of the main ways that people get visitors and keep them coming back is through use of an RSS feed. All major blogging platforms have an RSS feed – and many use a service such as to even further enhance that feed.

When people are subscribed to your RSS feed, you instantly can deliver your content to them and they’ll most likely come back to your website over and over. So no matter what your goal, RSS subscribers is one of the ways to get that goal.

I have been blogging for 3.5 years now and there is one REALLY simple thing that people don’t do that makes them miss out on a bunch of RSS subscriptions.

In fact, 75% of the time, I go to a new blog that has great posts… I go to subscribe to their RSS and I end up not subscribing because… they don’t have email subscriptions enabled.

Email subscriptions is a REALLY simple and commonly used feature in feedburner that is not enabled by default.

The thing to remember is that quite a few people still do not have an RSS reader… but [nearly] everyone has email.

Check out the small difference that having the email subscription enabled does.

By enabling subscriptions via email, you open yourself up to a whole new group of “non-techy” people.

To Enable RSS Via Email:

Enabling RSS via email is really simple. First you have to set yourself up with a feedburner (now owned by Google) account. Once you have that setup, click the publicize link, and then click on the email subscription link. Then click enable.

Doing so will now enable your readers to subscribe to your posts by having them delivered to their email.

Part of getting exposure comes down to making every option available for your visitors to become RSS subscribers and repeat visitors. This is a very commonly overlooked option that has resulted in a nice increase in subscribers for my blog about making money online.

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