Your 50 Common Blogging Questions Answered – Part 8

Welcome to part 8 of my common blogging questions series. I’m glad you stayed with as we journey across a huge list of questions for both beginners and advanced bloggers. We have 2 parts left in this series and will be moving into some advanced questions so it’s important to view the other parts before jumping into this part. Thanks again and all your questions are welcomed, which you can leave in the comment box below.

Let’s get started…

Will switching server hosts effect my search engine rankings?


This is a very common question and many times as your websites begin to grow, you’ll want to change servers to accommodate the influx of traffic. The simple answer to this question is “No”, however, you’ll want to be careful of a few things before switching hosting providers.

First, it’s important to ensure you choose a hosting provider that can provide you with your new requirements. Next, if you’re not an expert on installation, transfers, etc., then I would hire someone to do the switch for you. Finally, it’s always a good idea to keep your old website running on the old server to ensure all the changes have been done in the backend. You have to make sure…

  • New hosting propagates correctly all over the world
  • All your files have been transferred so give yourself some time to review them
  • Skim through the website, making sure everything looks fine before removing your older version

What are common text format to apply in content?

For those of you NOT aware of text format and what we’re referring to, it’s pretty simple. Within your content, you can bold, italic, underline, H1, H2, and H3 your content to make it stand out for readers and search engines. It’s common practice to make sure you cover all the important format elements so I recommend using the following every time you publish content.

  • Heading 1
  • Heading 2
  • Bold
  • Underline

These are the common ones I add to my content and won’t ever forget to use them. The importance has been stressed by authority bloggers and even Google itself. However, keep in mind, text format should be applied to your target content keywords.

How Can I Automate Link Building?

First, it’s important NOT to automate the link building process because it will get you banned for NOT following the guidelines. Next, if you want to automate the process so you’re NOT directly involved, then look into outsourcing your SEO campaign. This is common practice for those major companies with a large budget but it’s important to do your own research before hiring a SEO company. Why?

You want to find someone with a proven track record and who will do a complete job. You want a company that follows the guidelines so you won’t be penalized by Google. Once you’ve been flagged, it can be very hard to boost your rankings so do your research first, then hire the right company. If you’ve been in the business for a short time, then asking fellow bloggers for their referral is common practice.

I submitted my site in Google but it’s not showing up? Have I been banned?

There are billions of websites online right now and Google’s in charge of making sure they all get indexed. Even though they have a sophisticated system in place to take care of the indexing, it can be a very lengthy process and will NOT be done overnight. If you’ve submitted your website to Google and not seen immediate results, then I recommend waiting for at least 2-3 months before seeing your website within the SERP’s. However, it’s important to note many factors determine the rate at which your website will be indexed. For example, here are some factors effecting indexing rate…

  • Content frequency
  • Content change frequency
  • Links being built to your page at any given time

Remember, Google has implemented a freshness update to their algorithm so a frequent change on your site will definitely help with indexing. Keep that in mind so you can adjust the rate you publish content.

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