You Shouldn’t Guest Post When…

Guest posting can be very beneficial to spreading your name across the internet. Though, if done incorrectly, it can do more harm than good. I myself haven’t done many guest postings but I’ve seen many guest posts that plain outright sucked. So, I’ve decided to write about three essential things you need to consider before you consider submitting a guest post.

1. You’re a “baby-blogger”

If you’re new to the blogosphere, chances are you have no credibility to back yourself up on. I would recommend waiting at least one-month before you consider guest posting or have at least ten quality posts on your blog. I wouldn’t want to see a dead blog on the other side of that link on the guest post, right? Build your foundation so new visitors can stay as readers.

2. Your content is irrelevant.

I’m very surprised at the number of authors that allow guest posts that are irrelevant to their own content. Not only does this make the guest poster look bad but the author as well! Who wants to read about a food recipe on a make money online blog? Always stay relevant. Even on your own blog. Don’t write a guest post on making money online and leave a link to your recipe blog in hopes of receiving high traffic, it just won’t work. You’ll get the traffic but the amount of visitors that will stay and come back is close to none.

3. You have nothing of value to offer.

This should be obvious but I guess it isn’t. I’ve seen many guest posts that are basically rants. You might even consider this article a rant, but I’m merely stating my observations that’ll help others effectively use the practice of guest posting. I’m also infuriated by the fact that ad posts pass as guest posts on some top blogs. Always keep your content original and attractive to readers. You can hook them with a catchy topic title, but if they don’t see any value from your post and are offended, you’ve started your own flame war. Even though you’ll get high comment counts, those comments will lead to your undoing.

These are a few things that could drastically help the way you guest post. It can mean the difference between building or degrading your name. You can write controversial articles but always show respect to your readers and always act professional.

So, before you take a dive into guest posting, build some credibility first by writing quality posts, stay relevant, and always offer value in your posts. Follow these tips and you’ll experience the wondrous effects guest posting has to offer.

This is a post written by d3so. d3so is an Internet Markter and blogger who specializes in Making Money Online, Blogging Tips, and topics of general interest. He blogs at d3so Dot Com and has Officially opened his blog to Guest Posting. Drop by and say hi!