You Know You’ve Been Dugg When

You check your recent visitors by referrals stat and is all you see! It’s like this for page 2, 3, 4 and 5 as well. As I write this post there are currently over 2,000 people logged onto The TechZone to read this story.

Today is a record for me. I managed to get two stories to the Digg front page! I am trying for a 3rd one right now but I doubt it’s going to make it, unless you want to me out. Stephen like my story about the Lexus LS460 so much he submitted it to Digg. If you like the story, why not Digg it too? I really don’t care if it hits the front page or not because it won’t make much. This blog isn’t set up to take advantage of the Digg money train. However, I’m expecting a really good day from The TechZone! 🙂