You Asked, Justin Delivered

A few readers have commented that my new Challenge Question Plugin, while great, was causing a problem when you forget to answer the question before submitting the comment. If you do that, you get taken to a new page asking you to answer the question. The problem was, when you go back to the comment page, your comment was gone. If you just spent a good 10 minutes writing a detailed comment, I can see how this would be upsetting.

This problem has now been fixed. Thanks to the coding genius of Justin from My PC Rig, if you forget to answer the challenge question, a screen will pop up saying, “Please answer the question! It’s 2007 in case you didn’t know.” Give it a try. It’s good for a laugh.

If you answer the challenge question wrong, it will take you to a new page saying you’re wrong and when you go back, your comment will be gone. Justin is working on turning that into a pop up message as well. So for now, make sure you know what year it is!

*Update – When you answer the question wrong, a pop up screen nows shows up as well.