You Are Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is very effective in building brand awareness and driving niche relevant people to your blog, however, for you to fully utilize it, you have to keep a few things in mind. Guest blogging has often been recommended by other top bloggers as an effective way to build momentum, especially if you have just started a new blog. It opens up vast traffic sources from the blog itself, social networks, and direct traffic afterwards.


I know when I started blogging, it took me a while to tweak my strategy, finding out how to make sure I get the MOST from my efforts. I knew that certain elements matter more than others, like embedded and author bio links. I found many new bloggers are still unsure about how to effectively utilize guest blogging to build brand awareness. When they add links to their content, they place them in the wrong places and this lowers conversion rates. Next, in the bio, toward the bottom, they’ll link to the wrong pages, which, again, produce NO conversions.

If you are going to be guest blogging, then it’s important to pay close attention to the following factors that will help convert readers into loyal brand followers. Let’s look at what matters the most when adopting a solid guest blogging strategy.


The most obvious is to find guest blogging opportunities on other relevant blogs. For example, before I started to look for opportunities, I did a quick search in Google and explored different forums to hear the buzz. Authority blogs will often be spoken about and be mentioned several times online. If you do a quick search typing in “”, you’ll find his name is mentioned in press releases, in forums, on other blogs, and even ranks high in the SERP’s.

If you want to make the most out of your guest blogging, then it’s important you find, or are posting on, the MOST relevant blogs. This way, you will increase the chances of producing conversions through traffic directed to your website. If the people are NOT relevant, they won’t be interested in your content and your blog.

High Quality Content

Think about the people and blogs you follow and you’ll notice a pattern. You follow those blogs that produce the best content, providing an in-depth solution to common problems. Think about what type of content ranks high within the SERP’s and you’ll notice its lengthy, high quality content solving a common problem. Neil Patel found the top 10 results in Google had an average word count of 2000+ words, which is more than enough to provide quality. Here’s my point,

If you want to succeed with guest blogging, then make sure you provide value so people will click through on your links and follow your personal blog. Not to mention, high authority blogs are competitive so it’s important you stand out compared to others when blogging.

Relevant Links

In my content, I always link out to other relevant content because it adds further value. This is why many of those accepting guest posts will allow you to add 2-3 external links within your content and author bio. Take advantage of this opportunity by linking out to relevant content on your own personal blog or other external sources. The point is you can provide value in two ways…

First, by writing in-depth content going into detail on how to solve a common problem within your niche, and secondly, linking to high resourceful content, which, again, does the same. Make sure when adding links within your content that you make sure they are relevant and provide value…that’s the bottom line.

I see many bloggers also make the mistake of NOT adding any links and this is an opportunity wasted.

Social Followers

Top bloggers have a huge social following so make sure you guest blogs for those people with a huge following. Your content will be shared on social networks, which can drive enormous traffic to your content. However, the good news is when blogging for authority bloggers, you won’t have a problem finding huge social accounts because they usually have a huge following.

Strategic Links

I know many of you have not heard this term and it’s something I came up with when I started to guest blog. First, it’s important you follow the fundamental rules of guest posting…

  • Writing high quality content
  • Adding relevant links
  • Look for large social accounts
  • Don’t spam
  • Follow all guidelines

However, if you want to even add more value, then do the following.

First, on your own personal blog, you’re going to have keywords and pages you’re trying to rank for within the SERP’s. I recommended writing content similar to the pages you’re trying to rank for because this way, you can build a direct link to that page, increasing the overall value. Authority blogs have enormous link juice and credibility with Google so any link built on that URL will hold a lot of power. When writing guest posts, add links pointing to a page you’re trying to rank on your personal blog. However, make sure of the following…

First, you always add value, so, in the end, it provides substance to the readers. Next, make sure you keep it relevant to the content you’ve published on the guest blog. Use the right anchor text before pointing it to your page so it corresponds with the right on-page SEO elements as your blog.

I’ve used this strategy to boost the rankings of pages I’ve been trying to rank for years. It works well but does take planning before implementing.

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