Would You Pay $355 For an E-mail Address?


I can understand the buying and selling of Internet domain names, but the buying and selling of free email addresses? It seems some enterprising individual registered an email with Yahoo for iPhone_Wholesalers @ yahoo.com and is now trying to sell the address on eBay.

The Winning Bid Was $355

First of all, I’m sure the selling of Yahoo email addresses goes against the Yahoo TOS. Once Yahoo finds out about the auction, Yahoo will most likely delete the account and the person who paid $355.00 for it will get nothing. However, if Yahoo deletes the account, someone else can register it and put it up for sale again.

Secondly, I have to ask who would pay $355 for an email address? Maybe the bidder was just stupid and thought he/she was bidding on an iPhone and not an email address. While the text of the ad clearly states the auction is for the iPhone_wholesalers@yahoo.com email address, the big photo of the iPhone may lead some misguided eBayers into thinking they’re bidding on an Apple iPhone.

I wonder if iPhone@hotmail.com is available? That should fetch at least $500.00!

Source: Bob Buskirk