Tesla Model X Plaid – The Real World’s Most Powerful SUV

Aston Martin recently unveiled their new top of the line luxury SUV, the DBX 707. Aston claimed the DBX 707 is the world’s most powerful luxury SUV and stated that in all their press materials.

With 697 hp (707 PS), the DBX certainly is powerful, but it’s nowhere near as powerful as the real most powerful SUV in the world, the 1020 hp Tesla Model X Plaid. Simple math shows that 1020 hp is more powerful than 697 hp.

You might say maybe Aston meant to say they’re the most powerful gas powered SUV in the world. That would be wrong too. That title belongs to the 710 hp Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat. Aston tried to save face but stating they’re the most powerful “luxury” SUV. While one may question if a Durango is a luxury SUV, there’s no question that the Tesla Model X completes in the luxury SUV segment.

Aston Martin gave up on their claim after a huge backlash from Tesla Plaid owners and even Aston Martin owners who understand that 1020 is greater than 697. If you visit the DBX 707 website now, you won’t find world’s most powerful luxury SUV stated anywhere. Instead, the DBX 707 is now “A New Seat of Power.”

All in all, it was a rather embarrassing admission of defeat for Aston Martin and they should fired their PR firm over it.

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