World’s Most Expensive Car Wash

So you want to give your car the royal “spare no expense” treatment? Well, an entrepreneur in Surrey, England, boasts that he has a nine-month waiting list for what he says is “the best car wash in the world.” The price for the 61-step treatment? $11,500 per car.

Paul Dalton, who was interviewed by the U.K.’s Daily Record newspaper, says he spends over 64 hours on each car for what he calls the “Pinnacle Wash” treatment. The wash includes the use of a special Brazilian wax called Zymol Royale, which sells for over $7,000 for a 50oz bottle. Dalton claims the wax finishes last a full year.

Customers includes soccer celebrities and aging rocker Rod Stewart, who reportedly ordered the Pinnacle Wash for his Ferrari Enzo. Nothing’s too good for an Enzo I say. Here’s a video of Dalton washing a car.