WordPress Blogging Stats: Industry Facts You Can’t Ignore in 2020

Thanks to WordPress, blogs are now taking over as the main source of new content added to the internet every single day. Ever since 2003, when the open-source CMS when live, it’s just been a steady climb in usage and domination year after year.

Today, WordPress now powers more than 60% of the sites on the internet today. And really, it shouldn’t be a surpise to many, as most web hosting solutions now offer WordPress as either a one-click installation or already have it built right into their core and ready to go live with every new account.

WordPress has also been a driving source for revenue, as there are so many different themes, plugins, customizations and freelance work associated to it. While WordPress in itself generates millions of dollars monthly, the whole WordPress community collectively generated well over a billion.

With so many stats and exciting features surrounding WP and the millions of bloggers who are actively using it, we pulled out seven of our favorite facts from this WordPress Blogging Stats Report, and broke them down for you in detail.

A Look at the WordPress Landscape in 2020

No matter where you look, it seems like the website or blog you are visiting is either running off WordPress or has some form of association with it. Even if it’s not running of WP completely, it’s likely running an application or tool that was first created with WordPress in mind.

This fun fact and many other stats are making their way around the internet as 2020 rolls out. Here are a few more to keep you excited and thrilled about where WordPress has came from, is today, and where it might be headed in the future.

1 – WordPress is the Most Popular CMS in the World

The name “WordPress” has always been synonymous with “blogging”, however, it’s never was the only player or solution in this space. Over the past several years though, it has become the dominant player and with no real competition.

Today WordPress users are producing more than 70 million new posts and articles per month, with 77 million comments being generated as a result of that content. Broken down into seconds… thats 27 new posts and comments going live every second!

With so much emphasis on WordPress and making sure it loads site content extremely fast and ranks content higher in Google, WP is always working to improve their platform. Amazingly enough, WordPress powered sites now account for upwards of 30% of all sites online.

2 – 1,000s of New WP Blog Posts are Going Live Daily

As we all know, WordPress makes the process of going live with a blog and new content extremely easy. There are no technical or design skills required. In fact, it’s so easy to run a content site through WordPress, that rough

3 – Blog Articles with More than 1,200+ Word Perform Best

We all know that content is king, but not all content is created equal. With SEO being the main focus for bloggers and content creators today, you need to make sure you have some really great stuff before pushing it out to the world.

Short articles and blog posts will no longer cut it. Now it’s all about super long and detailed articles

In fact, it’s been proven that articles with more than 1,200+ words often perform much better in organic search rankings versus lesser content. Remember this before going live with your next post.

4 – Over 21 Billion WP Blog Articles are Read Every Month

With more than a billion active websites and blogs on the internet today, there is more than enough content already out there… yet new stuff is coming out every minute.

Some will just be clutter, but others will act as useful resources. With over 21 billion blog articles being read every single month, its the social sharing and on-site enagagement from users that will often decide what is worth reading and what isn’t.

5 – More than 80% of All Internet Users are Reading Blog Content

Content, content, content… that’s the big discussion with WordPress and it’s massive impact on the internet today. With WP making it so easy to create content, it’s really no big surprise.

In addition to all of the other content stats we’ve already mentioned, heres another for you.

In comparison to all of the content that is read by users on the internet today, blogs rank pretty high up there. It’s reported that more than 80% of all internet users are reading blog content–whether they actually know that or not.

We are All Part of the WordPress Community

Software and CMS platforms continue to come and go over time, but most of us have no association with the brands of third-parties that help make them what they are. The same can’t be said about WordPress, as nearly all of us are running sites off the platform, adding new plugins and using custom themes as well.

In comparison to other solutions, it looks like WordPress is here to stay. Hopefully we can have another report and fun facts post just like this one in a couple more years and see how the progression and growth of WP has scaled even further!

If you enjoyed this article and are looking for even more juicy facts about WordPress, be sure to view through the full infographic.

The next time you open up WordPress and start writing a new blog or article of your own, now you will have a much better idea of how many people around the world are likely doing the same thing!