WordPress 2.7 Available for Download

The latest version of WordPress, codenamed “Coltrane,” is available for download. This is a major update with new everything. From the top down, the WordPress developers have listened to your feedback and thought deeply about the design and the result is a WordPress that’s just plain faster. Nearly every task you do on your blog will take fewer clicks and be faster in 2.7 than it did in any previous versions.

As with all new major releases, the question is, “Should I upgrade now or wait for version 2.7.1?” With all the major improvements version 2.7 brings to the table, I highly recommend everyone upgrade to it. The new interface is awesome and fully customizable. My upgrade went super smooth and so far, all plugins are working fine.

Below are a couple of videos. The top one was made by me right after upgrading to WordPress 2.7. I show some of the new feature and highlight the new integration with Google Gears. If you don’t know what Gears is, watch the video and be prepared to get excited. The second video is from WordPress and shows all the new features you’ll find in WordPress 2.7.

Download WordPress 2.7

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