Win The World’s Thinnest Laptop Mouse

World's thinnest mouse

What you are looking at is the world’s thinnest mouse. This mouse is so thin that it fits inside the PC slot on the side of your notebook computer. In this way, you don’t even need to dedicate a pocket in your backpack or laptop bag for the mouse: it fits INSIDE your notebook.

To use the 2P Slim Mouse, pull it out of your notebook and read the instructional pamphlet because you’re going to need it! The instructions come with pictures to walk you through the entire process, including reverse guidance for converting the mouse back to its skinny shape so that you can put it back in your laptop’s PC card slot. When assembled correctly, the 2P Slim looks like this.

2P Slim Mouse

Pretty cool, huh? It doesn’t matter if the thing is extremely uncomfortable or hard to use. It doesn’t matter that The TechZone gave it a 4/10 score in its review. It doesn’t matter that at $69.99, the 2P is bloody expensive for a laptop mouse. No sir! All that matters is you have a chance to win the thinnest, most uncomfortable and one of the most expensive notebook mouse in the world! Think of it as a cool backup mouse in case your main notebook mouse (which will likely cost less than the 2P) dies.

To enter the world’s thinnest mouse contest, just reply to this blog post. You only need to reply once because replying multiple times won’t get you multiple entries. However, if you blog about it and send a trackback, I’ll count that as another entry. And not to be outdone by the mad cow, if you stumble this post, I’ll accept that as a third entry.

I’ll draw a winner this Friday night. I’ll even sign the mouse if the winner wants me to. Good luck and enter now.