Win a free John Chow Review – $400 Value

How would you like to win a free ReviewMe review from John Chow dot Com? Well, Gyutae Park of Winning the Web is offering that a prize in a new contest. If you’re the winner, Gyutae will order a ReviewMe review for you so I can review your blog.

How To Enter

For the next two weeks, Winning the Web is going to display a scrambled word/phrase, adding 1 letter at a time in 11 upcoming posts. These letters can only be viewed in a feed reader so you must subscribe to the Winning the Web RSS feed. The 11 scrambled letters, when unscrambled, make up a phrase/word. Be the first to guess what it is, and you win a ReviewMe review from John Chow dot Com. Here are the rules:

  • Letters will be added to the scrambled message in random upcoming posts on Winning the Web. You must subscribe to the RSS feed to view it.
  • To take a guess at the unscrambled word/phrase, you must make a comment to the contest post.
  • You can guess what the word/phrase is at any time in the process, but only 1 entry per person (by website and IP address).
  • You must enter the web site you want reviewed.
  • Winner will be announced Friday, December 21.

Who Is Winning the Web?



Winning the Web is the work of Gyutae Park, an Internet entrepreneur and professional SEO working in New York City. He developed a passion for the Internet in college and runs a variety of different sites and online businesses through his company Teaguy Media. He must be really busy with the money making sites because Teaguy doesn’t seem to have any tea at the moment. Good thing Gyutae updates Winning the Web a lot more.

Gyutae started Winning the Web in October of 2007 as a means to share his insights on the issues surrounding Internet marketing. Topics covered on his blog include making money online, blogging, affiliate marketing, search engine marketing, SEO, guerrilla marketing, and business motivation. The blog seems to have gotten a lot of its inspiration from this one. There’s a car on the header, popular post element, self repositioning 125×125 buttons and many of the other elements that became popular when John Chow dot Com got redesigned. I wouldn’t call it a copycat however. The layout is nice and clean and Gyutae does have some posts that are worth checking out. Some of the ones that stood out include:

In addition to the normal blog posts, Winning the Web features the Winners’ Circle and the Blog Audit. The Winners’ Circle is a series of interviews with some of the Internet’s better known bloggers. So far, Gyutae has interviewed Tyler Cruz, Ms. Danielle and Prija from Blogging the Movie. The Blog Audit lets Gyutae do a detail analysis of your site’s targeted keywords, optimal site architecture for search engines, and on-page factors such as title tags, header tags, etc. Judging by the Audit of, Gyutae does an extremely good job.

I like Winning the Web enough to sign up for the RSS feed. It would be really cool if I was the first to unscrambled the letters and win the prize. Don’t worry, if that happens, I’ll be giving the ReviewMe away in another contest. 😎