Win a 300×250 Ad on John Chow dot Com

The contests just keep on coming! iBussiness Talk has a 300×250 ad running on John Chow dot Com to give away a 300×250 ad on John Chow dot Com. It works like this. iBusiness Talk purchased the ad and will be using it to promote their contest for the first half of the month. The next half will be given to a winner of the contest. The winner can use the ad to advertiser whatever they want (as long as it doesn’t violate my advertising terms).

How To Enter

To enter the contest, you just have to sign up for the iBussiness Talk RSS by Email. All confirmed subscriptions will be loaded into the list randomizer and a random winner will be chosen. I guess iBussiness Talk saw the success Perfect Blogging had with his RSS contest (he is at 525 RSS subscribers now) and decided to go one better. It’s a really good promotion when you think about. His ad will be on this blog for the next 15 days promoting the contest and he got a free post out of it as well. Not a bad deal!

Anyway, head over to iBusiness Talk and sign up for his RSS by Email if you want a shot at winning a 300×250 ad on this blog.

In other contest news, I’ll be announcing the winners of the Affiliate Summit contest later today.