Why You’re Working Way Too Hard And Are Still Failing

It literally pains me to see so many people nearly killing themselves to make this Internet marketing business work. And then at the end of all their hard work, they still experience lack-luster results.

This Is Not A Hard Process

Making money online is not a hard process, but too many people make a very common mistake that makes is very hard for them. With this post post, I will make it 1,000 times easier for you.

Imagine you were on a boat in the middle of the ocean trying to get back to shore. You’ve only been out there a few minutes now, but you really need to get back in fast. Being a sailboat, and that there is no wind at the moment, you decide to take a deep breath, and you start blowing on the sail to move the boat forward.

Now, is this the ideal thing to do in this situation? Would blowing on the sails even move the boat at all? I’m no ‘windsail blowing expert’, so I can’t say for sure, but let’s just assume that it did move the boat where you needed to go, just a little bit at a time.

To get to your destination, wouldn’t you be killing yourself here? Wouldn’t you be getting really tired, really fast, and barely moving towards your goal at the same time? This is not the ideal way to go about things, yet, it’s exactly how I see people trying to run their businesses online.


Now considering the physics of wind, likely if you’d just wait a few minutes, the wind would pick up force, you could sit there reading a book or catching Minnows, and then when it does, you’d get to shore 1,000 times faster and easier than trying to go about it the other way, taking tiny breaths yourself to push you there very slowly.

How Does This Work Online?

Small ticket products is the tiny breath. If you want to get to for example, $10,000 per month online, if you try to do that by selling a product that gives you just $47 commissions, that’s going to require from you 213 sales of pure profit (not even considering your ad costs etc.) to even get the sales.

It’s a losing battle when you really consider the logistics and economics of it all. And that’s where people most get tripped up and frustrated in some way or form. It’s a lot of breaths and heavy panting to go about things that way, month in and month out, 365 days a year.

High ticket commission products sold for you on the back-end are the sails, better yet, they’re more like strapping a Jet Engine to the back of your boat.

If you’re selling a product that gives you a $1,000 commission, now you’re looking at just 10 sales per month. At $3,000 commissions, that’s about 3 1/2 sales. At $5,000 commissions, you’re now at just 2 sales!


Let’s compare the two models. 213 sales that I must make a profit on and do so every single month, not even considering scaling up to higher profits? Or 2-10 sales per month? One is a striving after the wind, a lot of effort for very little. The other is smooth sailing, no extra effort, 1,000 times easier to get to the big profits and the business you’ve always wanted.

Big ticket sales, products that pay $1,000 or more commissions, now accounts for nearly 60% of my income. This is why I love MTTB so much. It’s a complete 21 step system that will show you how to make $1,000, $3,000, and $5,000 online, even if you have no previous Internet marketing experience. The best thing is, you don’t have to close the sale yourself (I hate selling). MTTB has a phone team that will close the sales for you.

Whether you use a system like MTTB, or go out on your own, make sure you have a high ticket offering. It will make getting to your $10,000 a month goal a lot easier to achieve. And you won’t have to work so damn hard either!

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