Why Your Landing Page Needs Video

Your landing page can be used for any number of different reasons. Maybe you just want to capture e-mail addresses to add to your mailing list. Maybe you have a new product or service you want to promote and you want to people to sign up for a free trial. Maybe you’re an affiliate marketer and there’s an offer you want to promote.

Whatever the case may be, your objectives with your landing page are three-fold and one follows logically after the other.

First, you need to people to actually arrive at your landing page in the first place. You need to drive traffic to it and there are many ways you can do that. Second, you want those people to stick around long enough to hear what you have to say. You want to pull them in, engage them, and get them interested. Third, you want those people to complete your target action, whether that’s submitting an email address or buying a product. You want conversions.

And do you know what can be remarkably effective in improving your odds at all three of these objectives. The science is in and the results are quite clear.


It has been reported that conversions increase some 86 percent when landing pages contain video content. While plain text content can still be remarkably valuable for providing more in-depth information and to bolster your SEO, video has proven to improve your conversion rate. That’s huge.

Even here on John Chow dot Com, the main homepage for the site sometimes features a video, as illustrated in the screenshot above. This video really drives home the branding of John (and the site) and it lends itself to people downloading the free ebook to get started. Videos pull people in and they keep them engaged. After watching the video, they’re 86 percent more likely to complete your target action.

But what about getting people to the landing page in the first place? An increase in conversion rate can be exponentially more valuable when you also increase your traffic. As it turns out, landing pages with videos have also been found to be 40 times more sharable.

This means that the page is far more likely to be shared on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms, as well as through messaging or email. More shares equal more traffic. And more traffic (with more conversions) equals more money in your pocket.


If you take a look at John’s landing page for MTTB (My Top Tier Business), you’ll also notice that a video is prominently featured front and center, above the fold, ready to capture your interest and keep you on the page for at least ten minutes. That’s not by accident or chance. That’s purposeful and intentional.

Long sales letters with numerous testimonials and multiple calls to action can still be a big part of your Internet marketing toolbox, but the incredible power and value of video simply cannot be understated. Considering just how easy it is for you to upload and embed a YouTube video, you don’t even need a specialized solution to leverage this undeniable advantage.

You have to recognize that the actual design of a well-optimized landing page doesn’t need to be particularly fancy or special or unique in order to be effective. What it needs is a captivating message, an enticing call-to-action, and a great video to pull it all together.

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