Why You Should Use Google Search

Google has had a huge affect on search functionality online and the changes have been amazing. I personally use them 100% of the time to conduct searches when looking for information. I’ll also use the various tools they have available to conduct keyword research, track website analytics, and GWT for indexing. However, my decision that Google is the best search engine has nothing to do with the tools they provide because those are more external factors away from their main purpose, which is providing information to users. I’ve had a chance to compare the functionality of various search engines and by far, I agree with 80% of others that Google is truly the best search engine online.

Many of you will agree and others will be ready to debate this for hours, however, I simply want to go through some reasons Google is a powerful search machine. Your comments are more than welcome and I would like to hear what you have to say. Let’s get started.


Google = Relevance

The biggest problem many people were facing before Google was irrelevant search results and that the ones that were relevant were very poor quality. As the internet started to grow, how to sort information providing only the best results became a huge issue. Finding relevant results was another huge issue and Google was developed keeping this in mind. Even though relevance didn’t play as much as an important as valuable links, it is something that has been updated into their search algorithms now. With that said, Google tweaked to make sure search results were as relevant to the “target” keywords typed in by searchers.

The number one reason you should use Google compared to others is because you’ll find relevant search results focused around your keywords. With the implementation of LSI and long tail keywords, you are able to target searchers more accurately.

Google = Importance

As mentioned in point number one, Google provides you with results based on importance. This means your search will NOT display poor authority websites that don’t provide any value. As a matter of fact, this was the first mission Google founders aimed for completing when creating their engine because “poor quality” results was a major issue. They solved this by coming up with a clever search algorithm that traced how many other authority websites linked to another. By keeping track of a solid linking structure, Google was able to provide a site’s value compared to others. Valuable, high quality sites ONLY link to other high quality websites and this structure has been proven to provide great results for people.

However, SEO marketers started to manipulate this system by creating sites of their own and linking from a poor PBN structure. Google decided to overcome this problem by doing the following.

Google = Domain Authority

One thing I love about Google is they take the concept of Domain Authority into consideration. This is a fairly new concept, and if you understand what it does, you’ll be amazed by how effective it is. Domain Authority helps determine how valuable a website is by looking at a few factors. Depending on these factors, Google can determine where and how the site should rank within the SERP’s. This information will also help Google decide the value one site places on another.

Here are the top “3” factors of Domain Authority…

Age –

Google will take into account how old the domain is because this means they have been around for a long time and are still active. Age is very hard to manipulate because it’s calculated from the day you register through a hosting provider.

Large –

Google takes how large the website is into account, meaning depth. The more pages on a domain, the larger the website and this means it holds enormous content for visitors. However, recently, Google made a tweak to stop people from manipulating this factor and introduced Deeplinking, which I’ll be discussing in Part 2. However, the larger the website, the more value it will provide to the visitor.

Popularity –

Google takes into account two factors: Relevance and Importance (external linking). The more valuable websites linking to you, the better your rankings going forward and as mentioned, value equals value so it’s important to build links from high authority sites going forward.

In Part 2, we’ll be looking at some more important factors of why Google is the best search engine. Stay tuned!

Here are some things we’ll cover in Part 2:

  • Deeplinking
  • Page Authority
  • Freshness Update
  • Accuracy update

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