Why You Should Become a Freelancer in 2014

You can’t rely on one income stream if you really want to become rich, whether online or offline.

I’ve come to realize that little drops of water here and there truly form the ocean.

Whatever you do online, I think you should become a freelancer. If you’re not a freelancer, a lot of opportunities to make more money would elude you.

And you don’t even have to do the job yourself – just be prepared to supervise and gauge the quality of the gig. The term “gig” simply means temporary job or short-term job. So when you become a freelancer, you’re not going to turn a staff automatically. You still have a say and can be in total control of your life.

You’ve what it takes

I’m confident you’ve what it takes to make money as a freelancer. Come to think of it. If you’ve a skill that few people have, that’s a goldmine. I started out online writing guest posts for clients and in the first few months, I made more money than I’ve ever made working a day job for 2 years.

The edge you’ve as a blogger is your skill. That’s why I cringe when I see bloggers who don’t know how to do a thing – not even wordpress installations (find it here). It’s so pathetic because there are step by step tutorials to guide anyone.

Why not learn how to design websites, install wordpress or even customize a theme. These are special skills people can hire you to do for them. Time is a precious commodity online and it’s obvious that the 24 hours isn’t enough for most folks. Is it enough for you?

Essentially, these folks need your services. Did you realize that John Chow also does freelance business? He gives out special bonus and hosting rewards so he can install wordpress blog for you – even the expert knows better.

Waiting can be boring

freelance business

How do I mean? If you’ve niche sites that are fairly new and sometimes don’t make daily sales, you can’t continue to wait and hope for miracles to happen.

Fill in the blank spaces by becoming a freelancer. Market your services at the right places and waste no time to ditch clients who don’t value your time.

Let’s say I generate $1000 this month from affiliate marketing, and $384.78 from taking up gigs how much have I made this month? That’s a cool $1,384.78. If I hadn’t taken up those gigs, I’d simply waste time on facebook, other blogs, twitter and pinterest all in the name of being productive on social media.

A word is enough for the wise.

Act fast before you lose that cash!

Every new person who visits your blog is a potential client. I dare you to add a “hire me” or “work with me” page to your blog right now. Specify what you can do best and set a fair price according to what you’re worth and the leading industry rates. Come on, it’s as simple as that.

While waiting for clickbank and Amazon to send your monthly commission or for consistent product sales, wear the freelance hat and start smiling to the bank.

If you’re a freelancer, share your success story or challenge in the comment box. Thanks for reading. See you at the top!