Why Themeforest is Awesome

Over the years, I’ve designed many websites and used multiple websites to purchase custom themes for my clients. I have experience with several templates websites and would like to talk about one that has been awesome through the years. This website provides a complete interface and continues to provide me with a constant upgrade of customizations, plugins, support, etc. The funny thing is, many of the other websites offering WordPress themes are actually Themeforest.net websites that have integrated their inventory. I know many of you are involved in designing websites so I decided to write this post to help push you in the right direction. Let’s get started and look at a few reasons ThemeForest.net is the best option for all of you looking to customize your website.

Let’s get started.


I’ll divide each feature into its own sub-heading.


ThemeForest.net is very organized and you can find the right type of theme very quickly by filtering by:

  • Platform
  • Cost
  • Niche
  • Type

This is very important because when you arrive on the website, you need to make sure you choose the right template for your website. For example, you can’t install a Joomla.com theme on your WordPress.com website because this simply won’t work and will be a complete waste of money. Many people purchasing themes are NOT too good at looking through the features and won’t be able to distinguish between a WordPress theme and others so ThemeForest.net makes sure it does the work for you. When you arrive on the website, you have to filter by “Platform” and you’ll see all of the applicable WordPress themes.

Before continuing,

This advanced filtration is done throughout the website whether you are looking for a WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal theme. Next, there is even a filter you can apply when you are searching for plug-ins on the website. You’ll learn more about the different kinds of products they provide later in the next section.


ThemeForest.net offers so many different types of products so no matter what you are looking for, you’ll find it on their website. For example, you have: themes, plugins, HTML files, Layers, Forums, Blogging, and PSD. This means if you are looking for a solid customization for your website, then ThemeForest.net will be able to provide it for you. This works especially well because you are able to find each of these products in a very organized way because of their advanced filtration search.


With online business, you have to be careful about reputation of the merchant you’re dealing with. The last thing you want to do is lose money by purchasing from a store with a poor reputation. However, over the years, ThemeForest.net has distinguished themselves as one of the best template and plug-ins sites online while continuing to grow. If you type in “themeforest reviews”, you’ll find a handful of solid reviews, outlining peoples’ experience and how happy they are with the interface. This is very important because you need to feel secure about doing business, knowing when you pay for something, it’ll be delivered right away.

Continuous Updates

Themeforest.net always stays ahead of the trends and this is important for those looking to update their web designs over the years. For example, Google announced the mobile update in April 2015 and required websites to be mobile ready going forward. This would improve their rankings and the ultimate user experience, however, the change was adapted by Themeforest.net, too. Because people upload themes designed for the purpose of profit, they made sure many of them where mobile optimized. This made it easier for bloggers to simply purchase and install a mobile theme.

Themeforest.net continues to grow each year and the constant changes have made them grow over the years. If you are looking to change your web design, I encourage all of you to head over to Themeforest.net and check out their inventory collection.

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