Why Link Building Should Be Your Priority

Link building is the backbone of Google search and it continues to play an important role for websites online. When one site links to another, it shows value not only to you, but to Google as well, which gets you ranked higher within the search engines, generating engagement. I’ve consulted for many people when it comes to search engine optimization and have always encouraged them to have a solid link building campaign in place. By building links, you are doing much more than simply increasing your website rankings. For example, through link building, you’ll be able to:

  • Improve navigation
  • Brand awareness
  • Build relationships
  • Increase conversions

Today, I’d like to go over each one in greater detail so you know how important link building is for your website. Feedback and comments will be appreciated. Let’s get started…


Improve Navigation

Building links improves navigation both on and off your website and this is very important for your success. When you build internal links, you’re making it very easy for people on your page to find other relevant content important for increased engagement. Building links off will NOT only increase your rankings, but is also important for indexing through-out the web. Google uses these links to build a database of relevant websites, which organizes the entire web. As a blogger, this is important for two reasons.

First, it helps build relevancy associated with your website and helps your website be found when someone types a search phrase. Secondly, depending on your business, it can help increase conversions, and in turn, profits.

For searchers, it helps them find the information they are looking for quickly and efficiently.

Brand Awareness

When other people link to your website, it shows you have something important on your page or website. The more links you get, the more value it will add to your website, which builds trust and confidence. With so much information available online, it’s important you have a system in place to show value where it’s applicable. For search engines, this is even more important simply because it builds their reputation for providing the best search results to their users.

As more people link to your website, using relevant keywords as anchor text helps build your brand by associating it with words like SEO, link building, weight loss, credit, loans, or whatever else your website represents.

Build Relationships

One website always links to another for a good reason and this helps build relationships in the long run. For example, some of the links I’ve achieved have been through networking and writing content mentioning others. When published, the people I’ve mentioned are more than willing to link to my content and this builds something very special going forward. I can’t count the number of people I’ve stayed in touch with and this has helped drive traffic to my blog and increase conversions.

Some content like expert roundups, interviews, and ultimate guides have mentioned authority bloggers who have, in turn, linked back to my content and mentioned it on their social profiles. It’s been an awesome experience!

Increase conversions

One of the biggest reasons link building should be your priority is because it’s a cost effective way to increase conversions. Once you start ranking for your target keywords, you can drive relevant traffic to your blog, which ultimately will increase conversions. Next, when other popular blogs link to your website, it can drive traffic quickly and this will increase conversions, too. If your blog is your main business and source of income, this can be very important and crucial to sustaining success going forward.

Link building will help increase conversions in the following ways:

  • Help increase opt-ins
  • Help drive traffic to increase products sales
  • With traffic comes a higher chance of people purchasing banner space
  • Higher click-through to other areas of your blog

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