5 Reasons Why Instagram Ads is Better than Facebook Ads

Instagram’s advertising platform allows for the ability to build well-rounded ads for audiences, gain brand image more quickly, and drive traffic at the same level — all while utilizing the powerful audience and advertising that Facebook Ads was (and is) based on.

When it comes to advertising through Facebook and Instagram, there are no limits to amount of advertisements and data you can collect and learn from over time. All you have to do is select the best ad management tool, target your audience sand then set your ad campaigns in motion. After that, it’s all about optimization and the further monitoring and improvement of your campaigns.

With so much discussion about how to effectively advertise on social media these days, we’re about to discuss two of the main channels for ads and engage your viewers: Instagram and Facebook.

Facebook Advertising is Leading the World of Social

The efficacy of this media platform is the main factor brands post on Instagram. Fair ad prices and a Facebook marketing set-up process allow Instagram advertisements a fast way to target a larger audience.

The user base for Instagram is growing at a stable speed. Instagram reached over 700 million daily active users in April 2017, as stated by TechCrunch. Even more, advertisers are finding their way into ads on Instagram.

Over the last two years, social media ad costs have grown globally, from $16 billion US in 2014 to $31 billion in 2016.

In 2017, the authors found a global rise in revenue on social media advertising of 26.3 percent. If you don’t have an ad on Instagram or Facebook yet, it’s not too late. An Instagram advertisement account can be set up for sure.

Instagram Advertising Is Constantly Growing

Once you’ve heard about security patches to Instagram, you must know that the app is updated daily to have an excellent user interface (and making advertising there even more efficient).

Instagram tale styles for new attack aims, visual effects, marketer targeting tools. This is only the start! IG also has a platform in place that makes it easier for advertisers and brands to set a budget so they can acquire more likes and comments from their followers.

Three factors imply that Instagram is growing at such a high pace:

  • Instagram offers new features to help brands to communicate more efficiently.
  • The site becomes deeply beloved by its users.
  • All the way, Instagram gets new people aboard.
  • All of this gives Instagram THE forum for finding new campaign concepts.

There are already over 5 million Instagram market pages, and we sure hope that your name is one of them.

Instagram Audience Targeting Is Best in Class

Like the rest of your ads operating on the Facebook website, you must know that Instagram ads can be run in the Facebook Ads Manager. (Facebook refers to Instagram)

Facebook needs to reach three audience types:

  • Saved Listeners depend on the value
  • Custom Audiences: audience and consumer pay per click
  • People related to the other fans, Lookalike Audiences

For your Instagram projects, each of these age segments offers you plenty of unique time to expand the ideal audience.

To make sure you’ve not missed out on anything, test all the Instagram audience tracking choices available. This would also include tracking pixels, conversion tracking and CPM/CPC options.

The average person has been known to spends 50 minutes a day on social media — which includes platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. This is from Facebook’s estimated 1.6 billion monthly users.

This makes it incredibly likely for Instagram users to connect with your ads as well. Notably, if you are trying to align your marketing offers with the needs of your target market.

Instagram Advertising Is Quick to Start

The best chance you’ll get enough insight to build a first Instagram advertisement after you’ve spent 20h learning about Instagram ads.

In fact, you will not need a large budget to get off, by bidder $10. You will get result on Instagram

Analysis of Instagram ad costs by AdEspresso found that the average cost-per-click on Instagram has risen in time, now around $0.80.

Installing your Instagram for the Market site and posting the first advert takes one hour. That’s loads easier than designing an ad plan with Google AdWords or other pay-per-click advertisements.

The Facebook Ad Manager interface also allows us to track and assess your ads, making these adjustments.

People and Advertisers Love Instagram

Fifty-one percent of users usually refer, per Pew Research, and 35 percent say they look at the site repeatedly a day.

Here are some ads figures for Instagram that you should know:

  • On Instagram, 95 million videos and photos a day are posted.
  • Instagram now has 1 million daily ads on a monthly, up from just 200,000 in March 2016.

This year, eMarketer expects that the smartphone ad sales of Instagram will hit $2.81 billion, rising for over 10 percent of Facebook’s subsidiary’s global ad dollars.

Instagram is an always popular news site with these fantastic usage statistics, which tends you attract a lot of access to the brand and engage users.

Key Takeaways from Instagram and Facebook Marketing

When it comes to social media marketing and the branding of your business, it’s important to remember that it’s never too late to get started. New users are signing on daily, and through the use of audience, demographic and interest targeting, your options for getting in front of the right users is limitless.

With more than 1 million advertisers involved with Instagram ads, there is simply no reason for you to not get involved as well. There is a vast crowd out there just waiting for your content, services and expertise… so create something amazing for them to start consuming!