Why Content Isn’t The Only Thing That Matters When Blogging

Blogging is all about the user experience which means you need a combination of elements to keep things attractive. Blogging, especially content, has transformed the way people interact online and exchange information. However, with the influx of blogs online, it’s no wonder people are looking for more than just content. Have you noticed people have a handful of regular websites they visit? These are sites they trust and know will provide them exactly what their looking for. Sadly it isn’t just content, but a combination of other important elements.

Here’s a few reasons why content isn’t the only thing that matters when building brand awareness and popularity.



Trust is established by great content, but also frequency because a regular posting schedule tells people they can find the most up-to-date information on your blog. A blog which publishes content regularly means they care about providing the best to their readers and the content is constantly updated. One of the quickest ways to hurt your readership is to publish content, than, publish again 2 months later. It’s a poor way of keeping user loyalty and a great way to destroy your reputation.

Staying consistent will allow you to…

  • Publish fresh content which is great for users and search engines
  • Stay up-to-date with the current trends within your niche
  • Stay popular with other bloggers as they’ll look to you for information
  • Shows your serious about your niche and blogging.


Search engines provide a tool for people to find information quickly. This means they can learn about other bloggers and their credibility in the niche. I’ve noticed bloggers that have been in business for years demand more authority than others. This authority helps them attract readers and engagement on their content. Even though high quality content matters greatly when building your blog, it’s only second to authority. Here’s a great example,

JohnChow.com has a huge demand online and when he publishes content it immediately resonates with his readers. If a beginner was going to publish the same content it wouldn’t create as big of a buzz. The point is authority matters and here’s how to build yours…

First, it comes naturally after being in the niche for several years. Next, you have to stay on top of the changing trends while producing awesome content. You have to show people how to do things which otherwise would be difficult. For example, JohnChow.com since its starting has shown people how to make money through content, email, landing page funnels, affiliate marketing, etc. The most important element in authority is to build your brand and stand by it. If you can network with other influential bloggers and partner with them in exchange for a mention than this will help get your name across to a relevant audience.


A blog that has been designed for optimal user experience will receive higher user engagement. You have to remember users are trying to find and absorb information quickly which means you have to have the design fundamentals in place. Having the optimal design in place means making sure navigation is well structured, interlinks are in the right place and colors are easy on the eyes. However, there are other elements that require tweaking…

Fonts and sizes – You need to ensure content, menus, etc can be read without any problems. Users shouldn’t have to adjust browser fonts to read your blog

Links – The links on your blog should stand out and visitors should know there is a link. One of the best ways to increase engagement is by linking to other content and NOT making it visible can lower CTR. Make your links colored, preferably blue, and underlined.

Write content for the web – Keep in mind users have an abundance of information available so make sure your is easy to read, to the point and paragraphs formatted.

Website SpeedHaving a website which loads quickly will keep users on your page longer. When people need information they are NOT going to wait for pages to load. Google also incorporates site speed as a ranking factor within the SERP’s.

Overall Value

Everyone calculates value differently and personally to me it’s about the overall user experience. I truly believe what matters more to people than content is what they’ve gained from your blog. For example, a Ferrari isn’t just about the speed or engine it’s about the overall luxury which is way people pay an enormous amount of money to purchase one. I believe we all should approach blogging the same way. We should all think about the overall experience because this is what truly engages readers than just content. Here’s something to ask…

  • Did my visitors learn something from my content?
  • If they are bloggers, did they learn anything from my design?
  • Did my FREE eBook provide value?
  • Did my advertisements provide value and direct them to things they needed?
  • Did I create a connection?

You have to wonder why bloggers just don’t publish content, but spend thousands of dollars each year tweaking their blog for their readers. If you don’t know the answer, it’s because they are trying to provide the MOST value when someone visits. It’s that simple!

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