Why Canadians Are Happier People

According to various surveys and polls, Canadians are generally happier than their counterparts in the US and the UK. Many explanations are given as to why this is and almost all of them never stand up or make much sense. No, I feel there is one main reason why Canadians are happier:

We don’t get flooded with bad news!

Take the following example. The Huffington Post has three editions (US, UK and Canada). Those living in the US and UK likely don’t see the other editions. However, those who live in Canada have easy access to the US and UK site. Here is the front page of the UK edition.

Pretty grim, huh? Not exactly the best way to start the day.

Below is the front page of the US edition. Again, not exactly uplifting news.

Lastly, this is the front page of the Canada edition of HuffPost.

Yes, it’s true. While the rest of the world worries about finding Gaddafi’s weapons of mass destructions and economic doom and gloom, Canadians are worried about what kind of autumn Canada is going to have.

As the saying goes: Don’t Worry, Be Happy! 🙂