Why Are You Single?

For my Sunday evening post, I like to help you answer the question, “Why are you single?” Well, it’s more like I’ve found a site that will answer that question for you. OnlineDating.org has a cute little application which ask you seven questions. Once you answer the questions, it’ll do some secret computation and give you the answer to the question you’ve been wondering all your life.

For those of us who are no longer single, the test will tell you why you were single. Obviously, if you’re no longer single, you’ve solve whatever problem the test stated and are now in a happy relationship. According to OnlineDating.org, I was single because:

Quiz by Onlinedating.org

Quiz brought to you by Online Dating

Yes, it was true. Women were too expensive for me. However, they’re not too expensive anymore, which is why I am no longer single. 🙂

Why are you single? Take the test and find out. Please post your result in the comments.