Who Will Win The Race? Place Your Bets Now!

OK! Shoemoney is entering the ring, so the famous Shoemoney vs. John Chow battle continues. Me, dk, Shoemoney, and Ryan Niddel are going to be racing at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway with a bunch of the top affiliate marketers. It’s going to be quite the event.

If you’re at Affiliate Summit and want to join us, you can apply over to dk’s blog. Some of the attendees will actually be allowed to drive the cars. We will be driving over-powered Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Aston Martins, and other exotics.


You are also invited to apply to come and just hang out and watch. The event is going to be amazing. Whoever wins, All Phase Hosting is going to donate $1,000 to the charity of the winner’s choice.

Also, if you have a blog that has got at least some readership, let dk know by applying through his website, and if you write a blog post on the event, dk will probably be able to get you in as a driver as well.

I want you guys to seriously take a look at what All Phase Hosting is doing. The natural transition for all of us from Shoemoney to me to dk and the other big shots in affiliate marketing is that we have gone from being affiliate marketers to having our own businesses.

All Phase Hosting has figured out a way to literally set up your own business for you with your own email list that you own, your own branding, your own hosting company where you can sell domain names, and they do the whole thing for you for free.

With All Phase what you do is sign up with them and they set up the entire hosting company for you. They do all the backend work. They even do the live customer support for you and you completely own the hosting company. It has your brand on it, your name on it, you decide what the prices are, you can adjust what packages you are selling, you can decide whether you want to sell domain names or no domain names or even just domain names and no hosting.

I want to think All Phase Hosting is footing the bill for all this fun, and allowing me to invite some of my readers. Who do you think is going to win the race? Place your bets now!

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