Who Wants A Dual Monitor Video Card?

PowerColor X1550

In order to run dual monitors, you need a video card that supports it. Therefore, I have decided to give one away.

The ATi Radeon-based X1550 from PowerColor is a new Windows Vista ready graphics card that packs in a hefty 512MB of on-board memory as well as dual DVI outputs, which will allow you to run two LCD monitors at the same time.

You get the X1550 graphics card, an installation CD with software and drivers, a red DVI to VGA adapter (in case you’re still running a CRT), an S-Video to composite video cable, and an installation guide in case you don’t know how to install a graphics card.

Dual DVI Outputs

PowerColor X1550

As stated above, the PowerColor X1550 is equipped with two DVI outputs. This means that you can run two monitors with full digital signals from this card, unlike other entry-level units that may only offer one DVI output and one (analog) VGA output.

To enter the contest for a chance to win this dual head video card, just reply to this post. I’ll make a draw from all the commentators this Friday and that person will win the card. You only need to comment once to enter. You can comment more than once but it will still get you only one entry.

Good luck.