Who Wants a $50 MySpace Ads Coupon?

I’m sure most of you know about Facebook Ads. Well, MySpace has their own advertising platform as well and they would love for you to try it out. MyAds allows you to advertise to over 70 million U.S. users or pinpoint a niche group based on their hobbies, interests, age, gender and location. If you’re an Internet marketer, you can’t afford to ignore this big of a market. Many affiliates marketers are crushing it with MyAds.

Free $50 Coupon for New Advertisers

To give you a taste of what MySpaces Ads can do for your website or business, MyAds has set up a coupon code that will put $50 into your account. You can spend the money to promote whatever you want on MySpace. Setting up an account and creating an ad is super easy and won’t take more than five minutes. Watch this video to see how it’s done.

To claim your $50 coupon, sign up for an account at MyAds.com and enter CHOW50 into the promotion field when you go to complete your account registration. But you better hurry. I only have 70 coupons to give away. If the coupon doesn’t work anymore, it means they’re all gone. Get it now!

Claim Your $50 MySapce Ads Coupon Now – Only 70 Available