What You Need To Know About Great Branding Success

Blogging these days is all about building your brand and because a brand name is what people remember more than a general keyword name. Before it was a trend to name your blog after your niche choosing a domain “linkbuilding.com”, however, now names like JohnChow.com is what’s creating a buzz in online marketing. However, here’s what you don’t know…

Big branding companies have spent years tweaking their strategy and learning great branding strategies. Building your brand takes time and you need to know what factors create a “great” brand. No matter what niche you study, you’ll be surprised to know that years of research and experience have defined their brand. They’ve risen from the ground because they knew what engages an audience and how the effect a solid brand has on their reputation.

If you want to create a solid brand, then it’s important to put the following key factors into place at an early stage in your blogging. Let’s get started…


Consistency Matters

One thing you’ve noticed amongst great brands is they are very consistent. They are consistent in their products, niche, and the message they are getting across. Great brands know what elements are important to their success and have put time and effort into making sure they stick to what works. If you started a blog and are relying on your brand to build your business from the ground up, then it’s important you know the following…

  • You should know your niche and what’s important. A great brand knows the niche well and is always up to date with changing trends. You should be consistent in your message and products.
  • When writing content, it’s important to stick to your niche. Do not write about things that don’t matter because this will broaden your niche. People prefer to read content based solely around a specific niche and/or idea.
  • Always stick to a target keyword when writing content. This will help ensure consistency.

Great Brands Are Different

Online, you’re going to have competition, no matter what niche you’re involved in. However, this should NOT deter you from pushing forward and you simply have to make a few tweaks when getting started. You’ve probably noticed that great brands are different and stick out compared to their competition. They have found a way to do things better or stand out in the minds of people. For example, Nike has several competitors within the shoe industry. However, they still manage to outsell every other shoe company. Their success has been attributed to…

  • Creating the best shoes in the industry by putting money into research and development
  • Their commercials are awesome and engaging
  • They use celebrities to endorse their products
  • Always up to date with the changing trends in their industry.

When you’re building your brand, always ask yourself: What can you do that’s different? This means creating content better than your competitors or even tapping into new trends that haven’t been explored.

Create Emotional Attachment

Great brands are awesome at tapping into the emotional aspect of human nature. They know how to draw people to their products by giving them a feeling of fulfillment. This works for the same reason people invest so much money into health products. Health & Wellness products create a high emotional state often based around people feeling better about themselves. If you can create a feeling of fulfillment when engaging your audience, then you’ll most likely be the number #1 choice for readers going forward. Creating this state doesn’t have to be applicable to ONLY products because you can do this by writing awesome content. It’s comes down to solving a major problem someone is having within your niche and providing them a complete solution that they’ll have trouble finding otherwise. Here’s something…

  • Always research finding problem-solving content
  • Write the best content so readers find exactly what they need on your blog
  • Offer the best for FREE because long-term, you’ll gain much more through loyalty.

Always Create a Memory

If you’ve implemented the other “3” elements into your brand, then creating a memory comes naturally. The key to your success is to ensure whenever people have a niche-related question, they think about your blog right away. This is great for building your brand, but also for increasing traffic, loyalty, engagement, and conversions. You have to ensure that when you create your blog and increase your brand awareness, visitors always remember your URL, name, and the value you provide.

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