What Steve Jobs Taught Me About Success

Many people consider Steve Jobs someone who changed the way the world engages. He defines success because of the way he thinks and what his products have done for our society. For example, the products are innovative and way ahead of our time. He focuses on simplicity which is what many people are looking for in a time where things are very complicated. However, even though he has been a strong player in innovative gadgets you can still apply his work ethic to your blogging. The way he thinks and functions can be great for anyone looking to be successful in a very competitive world. I have read many books on Steve Jobs and even watched several of his documentaries to understand his mind frame and thinking pattern. It’s hard to get in the mind of someone who many consider a genius however you can definitely learn some awesome lessons.

Here’s what Steve Jobs has taught me about success in business.

Be Innovative or Different

The ones succeeding online are doing things differently or doing it better by adding something unique. Steve Jobs always did things different and he created products NOT like anyone else in the industry. How can this be applied to blogging? You have to think outside the box focusing on how to tweak things to be different from your competitors. This might mean adding different segments or be the first to report on trending news. You might even want to consider jumping into an industry that many fear or which is untapped.

Steve Jobs was a pioneer at taking an idea and tweaking it to make it better. This meant making it more effective or simply going where others refuse to go.


In this day and age, people are looking for simplicity and an easy way to get things done. Have you noticed the companies which are doing exceptionally well are the ones who have made people’s lives easier? If you look at the complete line of Apple products, you’ll notice they are very simple to use however provide enormous value. This is why even when I blog I try to make things as easy as possible for people to understand. I also have tweaked my web design to ensure visitors can find their way around my site WITHOUT any problems.

My primary objective is to give people value, but make it very easy for them to obtain it.

Risking It All

Steve Jobs went against everyone when he was very passionate about his product. At one point, he even got kicked out of Apple because of his dream. The end result was they wanted him back and Steve Jobs injected life into a dying business. The point I’m making is business is going to be tough, but the greater the sacrifice, the greater the reward. However, it should be something you truly believe in because you are only going to put your 100% if you care about what you are trying to accomplish.


Steve Jobs was a great leader and this has been said by many, however, he has a tendency of losing his temper. If you have been in business for several years, then you might have a team working for you. It’s important you guide them and be a leader who respects their opinion. Steve Jobs was known to respect people who made them perform better in the workplace. As mentioned he was very tense with his team, but you can learn a lot from this knowledge. In the end, you want to be known as a great leader who listens and is very cool-headed. I think nowadays, if you keep it cool and respect your team, you’ll get more out of them in the end.

I try to incorporate as many of these qualities into my blogging. I don’t really work with a team, but all the others can be applied to my blogging. I am trying to learn from someone with a proven track record of success who NOT only took a business out of bankruptcy but was one of the MOST innovative people in the world.

Final Thoughts

Steve Jobs is definitely responsible for some of the MOST innovative products of our time. He has also changed the way we market products through his innovative campaigns that relate to all different types of audiences. However, for Steve Jobs’s success to be fully duplicated, you need to apply other business leadership strategies in your company. I recommend visiting CareerCrawlers.com, which does a great job explaining some of the MOST up-to-date business changes taking place and how to apply them in your own company.

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