What Losing Weight Taught Me

I have been involved in weight loss and fitness related researches and projects for quite some time, and lately, I have been doing quite a lot of SEO and Internet Marketing for a couple of websites. And even though I wouldn’t rate myself as an authority on any of these topics, I can still brag about half a decade of research and reading on these topics. And one thing I’ve found true with both of these fields (i.e. weight loss and Internet Marketing) is that the Internet is beset with loads and loads of misinformation and half-baked theories coming from self-acclaimed experts. To say it in the most uncontroversial manner, there are quite some misperceptions and confusions when it comes to an internet marketing methods that deliver as well as a weight loss regime that works.

They say experience is the best teacher (and a very strict one too), and all my years as a close observer has taught me some lessons, and the best part is, these lessons have stood the test of time, regardless of how many updates Google makes. Keep on reading to find the lessons. Rest assured, they will continue to benefit you throughout your career.

Don’t Look Out for The Short Cuts

I can’t comprehend why so many weight loss and Internet Marketing experts are making it sound as easy as ABC. If reaching your weight loss or Internet Marketing goals was that easy, it wouldn’t have been an accomplishment worth going for? People are keen to drop excessive weight, or get more and more visitors on their websites because it’s something that will enable them to stand out of the crowd, mainly because every Tom, Dick, and Harry can’t do it. It is actually the difficulty level what makes it worth going for. So why make it sound ridiculously simple and easy?

You will often see promises like “A perfect plan to lose 15 pounds in two weeks? Here’s how to increase your website traffic to manifolds in 7 days? Five tips to get a body like Daniel Craig or Beyonce in a month?”

Those who “have been there and done that” knows that such claims are all bull crap, there’s no short cut when it comes to getting on to the top and staying there. It takes patience and years and years of hard work. So, if you are an Internet Marketer looking to make it big, or an overweight fellow looking to get the mouth-watering figure you have always yearned for, you should be ready for a long journey, that too full of bumps.

You Must Persist

Talking of the journey, reaching to your destination, whether it is the waste size that you were aiming for or the number of unique visitors that you’d like to have, is never going to be an overnight accomplishment. I’ve seen many going for the glory and then stopping as soon as the initial excitement fizzles out. It’s good to have big ambitions, but you must cherish the smaller milestones to keep getting the much needed motivation, to make sure that you don’t stop in the middle. It always takes some time, months, or even years, but that’s not really a big price to pay when you look at the rewards.

So, whenever you are facing a setback, and you feel that you don’t have the energy or patience to carry on, try to remind yourself of the rewards and consequences of giving up, and how you will regret it later on.

Stick The Basic and Time Tested Methods:

There’s an entire world of hogwash and half-baked theories on internet, especially when it comes to the highly searched topics like weight loss and internet marketing. Being humans, we are inclined to opt for the shorter and the easier routes, the problem is, nature has its own pace and its own laws, and in most cases, opting for the shorter routes for success, fame, or money will backfire. Therefore, you have got to stick to the time tested methods. They might not be as quick in delivering sizeable results, but when the results come, they are going to be a lot more endurable and long term. You shouldn’t be doing a lot of experiments with your health or online business, because that’s a risk not worth taking.

Keeping Track

A very important routine that many Internet Marketers ignore is to try and keep track of their progress, and same is true for the people looking to lose weight. Keeping track ensures that you will be able to see the distance you have made. If you keep on waiting for the ultimate goal and forget to keep a tab on your progress, you will never be satisfied. Also, the graph showing your progress (or vice versa) will let you identify the methods or approaches that really worked, so that you can focus more on these methods and stop wasting time and money on others.

Self-Control and Application Is Important

At times, you will be coerced by the idea of reading more and applying less. You will keep on planning and procrastinating and the time will keep flying by. Remember that you are not going to reach anywhere without moving a muscle. You can hire the best of the trainers but they can’t do the reps for you, and you can employ the best of Internet Marketing experts but they aren’t going to put their best foot forward as long as you aren’t putting your foot on the pedal.

Don’t Overdo It

Something very common with the people looking to earn money online, or those looking to lose weight and getting toned up is the impatience, at times people exhaust themselves by overdoing the drills. Make sure that you are keeping up with the pace of the nature, both when setting your expectations, as well as making the effort to get there. Learn to enjoy the journey, because you never know if the destination is going to be that much fun or not.

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