What It Means To Live The Dot Com Lifestyle

Living the Dot Com Lifestyle is not about fast cars, big houses, or exotic vacations. It’s not even about making a ton of money. While all those elements are part of the Dot Com Lifestyle, the true meaning is freedom. The freedom to do whatever you want, and not have to worry about time or money.

Last night, Sally told me that she wanted to have a daddy daughter day at SeaWorld. Normally, most dads would be working on a Tuesday, and can’t accommodate such a request. But when you live the Dot Com Lifestyle, everyday is a whatever day you want it to be. And if Sally wants to spend a whole day with me, then that’s what she is going to get. So, we gassed up the Mercedes-Benz, and blasted down to San Diego.


The great thing about going to SeaWorld on a Tuesday is it’s not very busy. There’s virtually no line ups and getting a good seat at any of the shows is no problem. Sally was able to feed the sea lions and the stingrays. She also watched Sea Lions Live (SLL) twice. That’s her favorite show at SeaWorld.




Daddy Daughter Date Night At The Corvette Diner

After SeaWorld, we went over to the Corvette Diner for dinner. This is one of the most kid-friendly restaurants in San Diego. Tuesdays is Daddy Daughter Date Night. This is the first time we’ve been to the Corvette Diner. I chose it because Sally and I love Corvettes. Our waiter made a Chevy Bow-tie out of straws, and tied it to Sally’s hair.