What Is Google Natural Search?

I have shown you how search traffic has increased significantly since Google let me back into their search engine. With this post, I want to show you one of the ways I’ve been monetizing this new traffic.

Ramped Reviews Case Study

Ramped Reviews is an ebook written by Robb Sutton on how to start a review site or blog, get free stuff to review and make a lot of money at it. I wrote the review back on July 10 and sold quite a few copies. However, like most blogs, once the post goes off the front page, sales goes to pretty much nothing because no one checks the archives.

Shortly after writing the review on Ramped Reviews, Google let me back into their index. This resulted in me ranking for the phase “how to start a review blog” and other related keywords.


Mind you, there wasn’t enough search volume from this set of keywords to bring any significant traffic. A check of the Google AdWords keyword tools shows it doesn’t have enough data to tell me how many times each month that phase is searched. However, my Google Analytics showed that between July 16 to today (July 31), Google sent 35 visitors who were searching for information on how to start a review blog to the Ramped Review post. This was the result.


Four visitors went on to purchased a copy of Ramped Review, with the latest sale coming in at 12:52am on July 31. Now, $80 of eBook sales isn’t anything to write home about but look at it this way. The review is up and indexed by Google, which is sending it enough traffic to generate four sales in two weeks. If this trend holds, it will make $160 a month in Ramped Review sales. That’s $1,920 a year from one blog post!

As I’ve stated, “how to start a review blog” isn’t a highly searched phases (it’s very targeted however). To make good money, you need to target keywords and phases with more volume and send them to an matching affiliate offer. Something like this.


What I’ve been doing is basically what The Number 1 Way To Make Money Online has been teaching – build a niche content site, have Google send it traffic and make money with targeted affiliate offers. As you can see from the screen shot below, It’s a fantastic business model.


Keep in mind, all this is coming from only ONE BLOG POST. If you can rank for a highly searched term and find a good matching offer, you can make a lot of money with this business model. If you want to learn the step-by-step on how this is done, then I recommend you sign up for The Number 1 Way To Make Money Online. At only $24.95, it’s an absolute steal.