What I Did To John Chow’s Make Money Online eBook

Over 100 people download my Make Money Online with John Chow dot Com eBook everyday. It’s my hope that the book help readers to start a profitable blog and Internet business. While the majority of the reviews are extremely positive, there are some who feel they didn’t get their money’s worth. My eBook comes with a million times your money back guarantee, but since my eBook is free, 1 million times zero is still zero.

I have a Google Alert on my name to monitor what’s being said about me. Today, a very interesting alert showed up. It was for some videos that were made back in 2008 by The-Unloader.com. How these old videos showed up in my alert, I have no idea. However, I’m glad it did because The Unloader went through a lot of trouble to create them.

I assume The Unloader didn’t care much for my eBook and instead of deleting it, like most people would, he chose a far more elaborate method to depose of my work. Making a single video destroying my book wasn’t enough, he had to make three! It’s too bad that The Unloader didn’t put as much effort into his blogging as he did into his videos. Had he followed my ebook, his blog might still be around today.

Personally, I like the third video the best. However, the tar and feather one was pretty damn good too. Which of The Unloader videos is your favorite?