What Can Google Analytics Really Do?

Google Analytics allows bloggers to see almost every statistic under the sun in regards to their site. The benefit of seeing these statistics is the opportunity it provides to watch growth, see mistakes, and make adjustments accordingly. It is important for bloggers to understand Google Analytics and what it has to offer. Here we will review a few tips to help you understand these statistics!

Firstly, the average visit duration – how long readers are staying on your page – per given amount of time (such as “monthly” “daily” or “hourly”).  From experience, if visits are lasting less than 1 minute, readers are skimming maybe one page or two, and not actually reading or participating in any content on the pages. Generally speaking, users leave your page because they are not finding the information they are looking for. By including more internal links you would be more likely to keep the readers attention, while also keeping them on your page.


Secondly, new visits – this tracks the number of absolutely new visitors, meaning this is their very first visit to your site. Not their first in a long time, but their very first of all time, ever. This number will be useful to you for a few different reasons. Firstly, it is an easy snapshot of the results of any marketing or ads that you may have just rolled out. Also, this number is useful to new advertisers if you are looking to sell them ad space on your site – if you can show a history of 200 new readers each month for the last 3 months, that’s a great indication to advertisers of where your potential is three months from now. Advertisers are not as interested in the same people viewing your site over and over again, because those readers are less likely to click on the same ad from the same site each time they visit. New visitors are crucial to the growth of your site, and the financial potential from new advertisers. Also, to help increase your new visits, work on increasing your organic traffic – traffic generated from search engines – because most returning visits are usually from a social media outlet or a bookmarked page.

Lastly, if you find that your visit duration or bounce rate is lower than you want it to be, one of the reasons for this could be because the content on your site with the most traffic are the pages that have the most possibility in changing all of the statistics. If you have one particular page with the highest level of traffic, it may be a good idea to add more internal links to that page specifically, as a way to lead readers to other pages that may be of interest to them. This is a great way to create relevance and credibility with your readers. By directing them to content that they will find interesting and relevant, you will be giving them more and more reason to return to your site again!

Google Analytics is critical when it comes to tweaking your site/blog to benefit both your readers and your bottom line. Learn about the statistics it has to offer and you will never be disappointed with what it has to offer!

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