What Are Your Goals for 2009

The New Year is just around the corner and that means it’s time to sit down to go over your goals for 2009. You noticed I said goals and not resolutions. I personally don’t believe in making so call New Years Resolutions because nobody ever keeps them.

Right now, my fitness club is jammed pack with people getting an early start on getting fit for 2009. This happens every year at this time. The first two weeks of the new year, the club is filled with people who made a resolution to improve their health. By the end of the month, I practically have the club all to myself.

I believe in making clearly defined goals. After making the goals, I will work on the plan that will best help me achieve those goals. However, instead of telling you my goals for 2009 in this post blog, I’m going to show readers’ goals instead. I will list my goals in my 2008 year in review post.

I sent out a request to my Twitter followers asking what their goals are for 2009. Within an hour, nearly 50 people responded. You have to love the power of Twitter! I must admit, many of you have some awesome goals. Make a plan to go after it and don’t ever give up. It’s better to try and fail, than not try at all.

@sallychow (Sally Chow) says:
@JohnChowDotCom My goal for 2009 is to remind my dad that I am the future. Tell me well and watch me lead the way!

@nmatthias (nmatthias) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Prove that a down market doesn’t mean you can’t have a record year as a mortgage agent! New Book will be my tool to do so.

@steven_fletcher (Steven Fletcher) says:
@JohnChowDotCom to develop http://www.brownbook.net/ following the top web 2.0 and SEO practices – cheers John all the best for 2009…

@flyssy (flyssy) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Easy! I want to earn more and weigh less! http://www.earnmoreweighless.com

@tkrysak (tkrysak) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Happiness,Health,Success to All in 2009

@Pakblogger (Sohail) says:
@JohnChowDotCom To start another blog.Experiment with paid promotion.1 post daily on both blogs.promotion through newsletters

@jayfrawley (Jay Frawley) says:
@JohnChowDotCom – Listen to my heart and follow the direction it takes me, while ignoring the ego and all it’s ramblings!

@justinf (justin Flavin) says:
@JohnChowDotCom find out how i can become an astronomer. and start doing stuff to get there. be it math at night school or whatever.

@joetech (Joe Tech) says:
@JohnChowDotCom My 2009 goal is to make my company and blog both more profitable.

@steitiyeh (steitiyeh) says:
@JohnChowDotCom 2k followers / 1k RSS Readers / 500k Alexa Rank / 500 posts / $2k / month generated from http://www.webli.st

@Terra111 (Terra Andersen ) says:
@JohnChowDotCom My goal for 2009 is to rock as hard as possible. No, actually, it’s to continue on my journeys in business and to top 2008!

@visu (Michael Szumielewski) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Make enough money from online activities to live from it

@jtgraphic (jtgraphic) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Lose 33 lbs, go to Elite Retreat; have an affiliate marketing business worthy of Elite Retreat, and put $10,000 in my IRA.

@ScoobysWorld (ScoobysWorld) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Scooby’s number 1 goal is to get the blog monetized and set up multiple income streams that actually generate income! =D

@Talkofthatown (Josten) says:
@JohnChowDotCom to become even more successful online and offline also getting more intune with god and myself

@retrogarden (retrogarden) says:
@johnchowdotcom make http://www.retrogarden.co.uk the best website in the world. Same as last year, adn the year before….

@RyanAndPeggy (RyanAndPeggy) says:
@JohnChowDotCom My Goal: plan to be self-employed and making enough income from my blog by the end of the year to support me and my family

@cre8nnov8 (Damien Riley) says:
@JohnChowDotCom 1. Care for mind and body 2. Sustain current blog traffic 4. Teach effectively 5. Surprise my wife with romance. 6. Read.

@Pedro_Gomes (Pedro Gomes) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Because, i`ve only 14yo my goals are begin a few projects and be earning 150 dollars monthly on the end of the year.

@FeedingTheCrave (Eric Tan) says:
@JohnChowDotCom 2009 goals – Get my weight down to 160 lbs, make more money, become debt free!

@Flash (Gregg Gordon) says:
@JohnChowDotCom The economic crisis makes 2009 the year I plan to start generating an online income so I am not dependent on employement.

@ifixas (Mindaugas) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Make that World around me will be a liitle bit better ๐Ÿ™‚

@solson (Steve Olson) says:
@JohnChowDotCom 40K in income per month.

@GrantGriffiths (Grant Griffiths) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Goal for 2009 is to look at "economic issues" as opportunities and not problems.

@tjbuffoonery (Trilby Jeeves) says:
@JohnChowDotCom My 2009 goals "Travel to teach, feel to love, Work to rest, Write to play, Bouffon to financial freedom"! Thanks John!

@claudgrrl (claudgrrl) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Goals for 2009: Relax more, get better organized, make more time to enjoy life.

@ifixas (Mindaugas) says:
@JohnChowDotCom make that live around me will be a little better ๐Ÿ™‚

@mikeslifeblog (mikeslifeblog) says:
@johnchowdotcom Be a full time pro blogger, take pens & paper to poor kids in Morocco, to have more time for family, to visit Australia.

@jaypiddy (JP Holecka) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Goals are to grow my business in the time of a resession so that when it’s over my company will be ahead of the competition.

@ryanr14 (Ryan Ray) says:
@JohnChowDotCom I’ve got two business ideas I want to get off the ground. Besides learning and growing, etc… 2009 sounds like a great year

@TheCuso (AlejandroPortela.com) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Go to Vegas and Singapore to film some kickass cardistry videos for www.TheCuso.info

@tomoswyn (tomoswyn) says:
@JohnChowDotCom My main 2008 goal is to loose weight seeing as though I’ve made it onto my University’s squash team

@colindean (colindean) says:
@johnchowdotcom My goal is to make enough money on-line to pay off my student loans 10 years ahead of schedule

@jamieharrop (jamieharrop) says:
@JohnChowDotCom To cycle from West to East coasts of UK. & North to South coasts of UK. Blogging related? Reach 500 subscribers

@antnzdotcom (Anthony) says:
@JohnChowDotCom To be the best I can be. Also focus more on what really matters, friends, family etc.

@DivinePurposeMV (Michelle Vandepas) says:
@JohnChowDotCom earn more than $5,000 per speech. donate proceeds to coaching program 4 women in need

@Moonvine (Joan Adams) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Goals: To remain in good health and in harmony with all. To improve myself in some way. To walk more!

@stevenwilson (stevenwilson) says:
@JohnChowDotCom My goal is to launch a business idea that my brother,and I have been working on this past year.

@yurechko (Michael Yurechko) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Make a full time income online and move out.

@JillKoenig (JillKoenig) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Goal (we are on track to) Quadruple our profits in 1st Qtr of 2009

@ColinKlinkert (Colin Klinkert) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Triple My Income, Improve My Health, Gym More Often, Network Much More, Launch 3 new planned projects, Read More John Chow!

@ReneeHenderson (ReneeHenderson) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Be a better wife, mom, grandmother, daughter. Make like simpler for me and my husband.

@mvndrvrt (Michael VanDervort) says:
@JohnChowDotCom be better blogger at humanracehorses.blogspot.com!

@lordmatt (Lord Matt) says:
@JohnChowDotCom My 2009 aims are greater efficiency and better content.