What All the Top Bloggers Have in Common

Today I’m going to write a special piece of content because of the requests I’ve gotten from so many people. A lot of questions have come in over the years on what top bloggers have in common. I’m going to explore this question, and provide you insight into what I’ve seen over the years. This way all of you will have a better idea of what you have to do or focus on going forward. What defines a top blogger? Here is some of the things I consider to be powerful…

First, they hold enormous credibility within their niche, and people turn to them for answers. Secondly, they make enormous money, and this is what they do full-time as a way of living. Third, they have awesome brands which can be recognized right away. For example, when you hear their names, you’ll know exactly what they do, and the power they hold. Next, these people provide enormous value when you read their content, or if you download their eBooks.

Above I have just listed a few of the things, and I’m sure some more will come to mind as I start writing. I’m sure all of us have different top bloggers within our niche, however here are the common blogs I read:

  • JohnChow.com
  • Problogger.com
  • Matthewwoodward.co.uk
  • QuickSprout.com
  • SearchEngineJournal.com
  • ShoeMoney.com

As mentioned, these are the common blogs I read, and you might agree or disagree. However, these have been the people who I’ve looked up to when blogging. The next question is what factors will I be discussing in this content? I’ll be exploring factors like:

  • Design
  • Content
  • Affiliate programs
  • Guest posting
  • Engagement
  • Strategy and flexibility

Let’s get started, and explore what I’ve found are the common traits among all of these blogs.


I believe design is a major influence in retention, and engagement. With a solid design you’ll be able to decrease the bounce rate, and guide people to other content around your website. The more content people read, the higher possible conversions, shares, comments, etc. However, a poor design can be devastating to the bottom line which is why I’ve always encouraged people to focus on design elements. Next,

The top bloggers have invested heavily in the design of their blog. They know this design is an extension of their brand so will pay someone to make sure everything fits perfectly. If you’ve been visiting blogs, then you have to admit one thing which keeps you on a blog is smooth transitions, and the appeal…right?

If you visit any of the blogs I’ve listed above, you’ll notice how the colors are light on the eyes, navigation is visible, content links are perfectly placed, and banners in the right place. To help find content, they all have a search bar in the right place so you can type a keyword, and find the content you are looking for. Its stated that 40% of people leave a website when they first arrive because of the initial poor attraction they get. This means if the design is off, it’ll push people to leave without visiting any other area on your website. However, imagine if you can change this around? You’ll have an increased 40% chance of people staying on your website interacting with other content.

That’s a staggering high number!


This is one of the most important factors which distinguish these bloggers from any other online. It’s actually the single MOST contributing factor to their success, and brand. Why? The internet is known as the information age because this is what it does, it allows easy access to important information to everyone around the world. By providing valuable information, you can create a business which can generate thousands or even millions of dollars a year (some make this money within a single month). However, in order for you to provide the type of value people are looking for, you have to be able to create content the right way. What do I mean? Let’s look at the authority bloggers, and what they are good at doing which others fail to do:

Research –

These bloggers know where to look for information, and have the right resources to tap into. They know where to find trending topics, and then find solutions to back it all up. For example, they know the forums where everyone is hanging out, and know other blogs to visit. They have the experience from years of being in the niche to put something incredible together, and if they need help; they have a network of bloggers which they can ask for a solution.

This has allowed them to stand out when it comes time to provide content because people know they’ll find a complete solution, or one which is unique.

Structure –

Authority bloggers know how to write content with the right type of structure. For example, the spacing will be ideal, and the sentences minimum. They know too many sentences in one paragraph will create clutter which makes it hard for people to read. They use the right keywords, formatting ideal for people, and search engines. For example, you’ll see a perfect ratio of:

  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Underline
  • H1
  • H2
  • H3

Uniqueness –

These authority bloggers will create different types of content in locations which we hope to be one day. For example, JohnChow.com posts content from conferences, affiliate getaways, and live events. This puts a twist on the type of content we are use to. It also keeps are minds focused on the brands which is a great marketing strategy.

Affiliate Programs

Here’s something else you’ll notice all the top bloggers have in common – Affiliate programs.

These bloggers either have their own product, or are partnered with someone selling one. They have an arrangement where they’ll make an enormous cut out of the profits. But, they don’t just sell any product because this will demolish their reputation. They will focus on one which provides value, and they use themselves. Through the entire endorsing process, they’ll ensure to create walk-through videos, information guides, and even offer specials.

In the end,

It all comes down to the bloggers ability to understand they have a real brand, and through it they can increase profits. However, as mentioned just like the value they provide through their content, they’ll do the same with the products they sell.

Guest Posting

Many of the top bloggers offer guest posting opportunities because they want to provide opportunity to others. Next, they provide guest opportunities because they are getting busier, and don’t want their blog to fall short of content or value.

Both of these are important because they are providing opportunities to bloggers, and people. For example, when you allow bloggers to submit guest posts, you are giving them a chance to build their brand. Next, your getting busier and want readers to have a constant flow of new content which means you might have to find writers for you. Either way, both of these are important because it steady’s the continued successful of the authority blog.


Top bloggers know how important it is to engage with readers because this builds loyalty. Engagement can come in two forms: First, blogger to reader, and secondly, blogger to blogger. Either way, there both will be available so the audience has an easier time pulling out the value. For example,

The blogger will engage readers through new content, and a follow-up sequence. Why do you think they have an opt-in form on almost every page? It’s because the blogger can continuously communicate with the readers over time. They can send updates, discounts, coaching alerts, and anything else which will strengthen the engagement. Next,

Blogger to blogger is very important because it allows people to share opinions openly. This can be seen in the form of comments or even an online forum. Both allow users to leave feedback, and interact with others sharing strategies. If you closely examine forums, you’ll notice the following:

  • Free registration
  • Easy reply if you know a solution
  • Easy thread if you want to post a question
  • Thousands of members
  • And the response time if very quick. You’ll get a solution within seconds which is why forums have always been so popular.

Allowing open engagement is a great way to build retention because people know one way or another they will find what they are looking for on your site.

Ability to Change Niche

One thing I’m seeing more of these days is the ability for top bloggers to have more weight on their opinion. This weight changes the entire niche, and the field of study. For example, bloggers like Neil Patel has been asked on the future of email marketing, and SEO tools which changes the direction in which take when shopping for tools, etc. Another good example if how certain aspects of the niche is changing like link building, and even keyword research.

Many of the top bloggers will introduce link building strategies which are completely new to search engine optimization. Brain Dean from Backlinko.com amazed everyone with his skyscraper technique that changed the way people looked for opportunities, and how they built links. It’s amazing how authority bloggers can shift the way their niche is by providing expertise, understand the future from what they’ve learned overtime, and finally by introducing new products.

Final Thoughts

Through this research I hope you can see why authority bloggers have so much credibility within their niche, and how they continue to transform things. Next, you can pull out enormous value because going forward, you can start to focus on the factors above so you stand out as an authority blogger too. However, one thing which I should have mentioned above is their ability to be patient, and understand how success does take time. No matter how many of the factors these bloggers inherit, they all know and have the patience to let nature takes it course.

Building a business does take time, and you have to be patient because if you don’t, then you’ll stop providing value to your readers. The biggest contribution to success is having patience because you continue to follow your passion. However, if you’re in a hurry to make money, then you’ll start to cut corners.

Please leave your thoughts, and feedback below.J