Welcome To Yahoo! FANcouver

Our Vancouver 2010 Olympic adventure continues with a trip down to Yaletown to check out the Yahoo! FANcouver welcome center. Yahoo! seems to be the only Internet based company to have a presence in the Olympics. Their welcome center had a broadcast station, free wifi, video games, hot chocolate and coffee, photo stations and rolls of iMac to check your Gmail Yahoo! Mail. It was a nice place to relax after walking all day.

The Yahoo! FANcouver center is located at the site of the old Mini Yaletown (1039 Hamilton Street). I mistakenly said that Mini went under and Yahoo! took over the location. That was not the case. Mini Yaletown moved to a temp location during the Games.

When I went to check my email on one of the public iMacs, I discovered that the last user forgot to log out of her Gmail account. I had complete access to it. let this video serve as a reminder to always log out when using any public computers.