Welcome Some New Sponsors

I like to take this time to welcome a couple of new sponsors, who also happen to be fellow bloggers. This just goes to show that if you want to grow your blog, sometimes you need to spend a bit of money.

Mitch Harper’s Interspire SendStudio

Mitch Harper is a man who wears many hats. He has his own blog at HarpzOn.com that gives advice on driving more web traffic and he is a guest blogger on this blog as well. Mitch’s main moneymaker, however, is his software company, Interspire.

Interspire SendStudio is the best newsletter software I have ever used. Mitch like that quote so much he is using it on the banner that’s running at the bottom of each posts. If you’re looking for a great piece of software to send out newsletters, SendStudio is the one to get. Read my full review of the product here.

Jeremy Miller’s Jemmille.com

A big thank you goes out to Jeremy Miller for purchasing a text link on this blog through Text link Ads. I’m sure Jeremy took advantage of the $100 TLA coupon. I guess Jeremy looked at the effort it would take to get and maintain a Top Commentators position and concluded that paying $200 for a link would be easier.

Jeremy’s blog is getting well known for his 5 Questions With section. This where Jeremy asks five questions with famous bloggers. So far Aaron Wall, Shoemoney, Steve Rubel and yours truly have taken part. Check out my answers to the the five questions.