Welcome Discovery Channel and American Chopper Viewers

I want to send a warm welcome to all the viewers from Discovery Channel and American Chopper. Like you, I’m a big fan of the show and never miss an episode. No doubt you came here because of this post. I invited you to discover more about what my blog has to offers. If you take my advice and do as I say, you can own an American Chopper someday. 🙂

What’s with The Shout Out?

For my regular readers, this shout out is because I’m being flooded by American Chopper viewers thanks the premier of season 3 and Discovery running an American Chopper marathon leading up to the premier. This has resulted in a wave of traffic from Google searches related to American Chopper.

How does a blog that writes mostly about making money online rank number 1 on Google for American Chopper? You can read my post on how to SEO your blog post, and check out this video I did about the on page SEO for my American Chopper post, for the answer. Since writing it, Google has sent over 86,000 views to the post. That is the power of on page SEO done right!