Webmasters Rejoice! Alexa Releases Toolbar for Firefox


Good news for all you webmasters who use Firefox (that’s like 90% of you), Alexa and Firefox has finally became friends and released a toolbar for Firefox. And it’s way better than the Alexa toolbar for Internet Explore.

The Alexa toolbar for Firefox doens’t even look like a toolbar. It takes up very little browser space. The traffic, trend and reach rankings are placed in the lower right of the Firefox browser, while a new related links menu is added to the top menu bar.

The Alexa ranking is generally pretty worthless but many ad networks, like Text Link Ads, use it to determine your advertising price so it does help to have a good ranking. Unfortunately, Alexa only counts traffic from users who surf with their toolbar installed. It doesn’t matter if 1 million people a day visit your blog. If they don’t run the Alexa toolbar, you will get a really bad rank.

Webmasters and web publisher always had a love/hate relationship with Alexa. We love to get a high ranking because it makes us more money. However, we hate it because it only worked on IE. Not anymore! Now all Firefox users can download the viewbar and give all your sites a ranking boost!

If you really want to be evil, you can install this Firefox add-on that will refresh your page every so many seconds or minutes. You’ll be in the top 100,000 in no time! 😈

Watch me get banned from Alexa now.