Watch A Tesla Model S Plaid Go 216 MPH

Besides the zero to 60 mph in 1.99 seconds, the other standout performance specs on the Tesla Model S Plaid is a top speed of 200 mph. However, customers haven’t been able to test the top speed out because Tesla put a 163 mph limiter on the car. This was later increased with 175 mph with the release of the Track Mode update. Tesla says they will eventually remove the limiter.

It’s not clear what is preventing Tesla from enabling the promised 200 mph top speed, but it hasn’t stop people from trying to find a way to unlock the limiter. Now, someone finally has. A Quebec-based company call Ingenext has managed to get around the top speed limiter in the Model S Plaid to completely unlock the top speed.

With the limiter removed, the CEO of Ingenext, Guillaume André, got behind the wheel of the hacked Model S Plaid to see if the car can really go 200 mph. The top speed run was done at a 1.8 mile long runway at the Trois-Rivières airport. Check out the top speed run in the video below.

It looks like Tesla is once again sandbagging their performance figures. Not only did Ingenext hit 200 mph, the car kept accelerating all the way to 216 mph before they ran out of runway. It’s interesting to see the speedo turn red once the car exceeded 200 mph.

The Ingenext Tesla Model S Plaid is a stock production car except for the Mountainpass Performance big brake kit and Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires. The only other modification is the Ingenext top speed bypass module. Ingenext plans to offer the module to the public. Keep in mind that this product isn’t approved by Tesla, and may void your car warranty.