Wasting Your Life Away, 12 Seconds at a Time

If you haven’t wasted enough time with Twitter, you now have something new to waste the last remaining 12 seconds of your day.

When I said that video was the future of the Internet, I didn’t have this in mind. 12Seconds.TV has entered private alpha and it’s either going to be the dumbest thing on the Net, or the next big thing. Right now, I’m leaning towards the dumbest but then again, I thought Twitter was dumb as well.

12 Seconds allows you to record and share short video updates about what you’re doing or where you’re at. The videos can be no longer than 12 seconds long because anything longer than 12 seconds is “boring” according to the owners. Think of this as Twitter for videos.

What can you put in a 12 second video? Not a hell of a lot. If this video is any indication of the kind of quality post we can expect from 12 seconds, then God help us all.

Look on the bright side. The video only wasted 12 seconds of your life. It could have been a lot worst! Anyway, I requested an invite to the private alpha. If only so I can own my own name. I’m sure if I don’t apply, someone will register John Chow.

What do you think of 12 Seconds? Next big hit or next big flop?

*Update – I got my 12 Seconds account, thanks to Shoemoney, and I’ve made my first 12 seconds video so you can waste another 12 seconds of your life.

No, BlueFur did not pay me to say that. However, they should! 😈

It looks like 12 Seconds gave me some invites to pass out. If you want to try out 12 seconds, give me a shout and I’ll hook you up. However, I only have 10 invites so hurry if you want it.