Want Traffic? Think Negative.

This article is guest posted by John Cow dot Com. Pretty evil, huh?

We’ve sharpened our horns, polished our hooves and put on our best fur. We bet you’ve been speculating about when this was going to happen! Hello boys and girls, us from JohnCow.com will be your hosts for this post!

Ok, can everyone sit down and stop moo-ing us please? We’re here to give you folks some bovine advice, which will hopefully shed a different light on your ideas of making money online. If not, heck, we still got to post on John Chow’s blog! 😈

A popular, well known and pretty smart way to make money online is to stay on top of off-line trends and make sure you grab a particular domain name the nano-second Steve Jobs announces something big like the iPhone. 4000 iphone related domains have been snatched up as we write this and it’s expected to grow to a total of 8000 at the end of the year. Pretty crazy huh? Now you will find that most of those domains will be related to iPhone services, goodies and more fun stuff. That’s a dense market to penetrate if you’re looking to get high up in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). This is where negative thinking comes into play.

Remember when you as an early adapter forked out over $600 for that 8GB iPhone? When you took her smooth and shiny body out of the box it was love at first sight, she couldn’t do anything wrong, not a bad word was to be said about her.

Fast forward 3 days later. You find out that she’s really a blonde and doesn’t know what MMS is. She’s cute but has problems getting to know your AT&T provider. What do you do? If you’re anything like the stereotypical internet user, you fire up your favorite browser and Google your way through topics related to the issues you’re having with your new blond girlfriend.


This screenshot shows July’s search keyphrases from iPhoneFlaws.com, a site solely meant to cover the problems Steve’s new toy has. As you can see there’s plenty of people that found out their new gadget wasn’t all that after all. The site is not even 3 weeks old and has had no advertising done. Imagine what could be achieved with a little work on the blog! Here’s where you come in to turn people’s negative thinking into your positive bank account!

Obviously the iPhone is just an example and there’s loads of stuff that people have problems with. If you take a smart approach and let all the others fight for the best spot on Google, try to think different and become the best for the worst on Google.

Hmm, we were just told the show is nearly over so we’d like to take these last few seconds to say, Hi Mom! And remind you kids that besides the signed by John Chow USB Cooler, we’re also giving away a $500 prize.