Want Traffic? Add Booth Babes

Is your site traffic feeling down? Need a pick me up? Well, I was told that adding some beautiful women is a great way to do it. Over at The TechZone, our biggest articles of the year have always been our booth babe coverage at the major trade shows. I’ve always found this extremely funny but it’s true, women are traffic magnets.

The reason for this is pretty simple. Most tech geeks are guys and guys like looking at beautiful women. Another bonus is women like looking at beautiful women as well. If this was not true, then women’s magazines would not contain as many pictures of women as the men’s magazines do.

How Not To Take Pics of Booth Babes

I made the mistake of sending Greg Morgan into the North Hall of CES to take pics of the babes. I figure it would be a pretty easy assignment. How can he screw it up? This is how.

CES booth babe

Every single booth babe photos that Greg took had him in it. I guess Greg didn’t realized the number 1 rule for taking babe pics: they want see the babes, they do not want to see you! The only time this rule doesn’t apply is when you’re a babe yourself.

CES booth babes

Feel The Power of 12X Zoom

Needless to say, I had to go and retake all the photos that Greg messed up. Lucky for me I brought my Canon S3 booth babe camera along. The S3 offers 12X zoom on both photos and videos. If you don’t know what’s so great about that, this video will explain it.