Want More Cash? It Will Cost You $500


John Chow dot Com reader, Shannon Bishop, sent me a ReviewMe request to review MoreCashClub.com, an Internet club that helps its members make more cash. How does it do that? I’m going to tell you.

What Is MoreCashClub.com?

In a nutshell, MoreCashClub.com is an Internet club. Members pay $500 to join. What do you get for $500? A whole heap of e-products and $400 for every new member you refer to the club.

All members are given an affiliate ID that they use to send traffic to MoreCashClub.com. If someone signs up for the $500 membership, $400 is paid instantly to the affiliate who signed them up. That 80% affiliate payout has to be the highest in the industry. Then again, I think the high payout is needed because there are a bunch of things wrong with the system.

No Highlighting of The Products

When I first saw the MoreCashClub.com home page I was thinking, “OK. Another Seven Day System slamming.” However, Shannon gave me a login to the Member’s Area so I was able to check out all the 300+ e-products.

The products aren’t half bad. The sheer quantity of them can be overwhelming. The full download is 227MB. The files contain software programs, eBooks and pre-made, ready to use, Get Rich Quick websites. I had a great time looking through them and I actually may use some of those ready made sites for a case study call, “Can you get rich quick with Get Rich Quick sites?” The ready made sites are really ready made. All you need to do is upload it, set up a PPC campaign to send the site traffic and watch the money roll in. At least, that’s what you hope for.

While it’s questionable whether the products are worth $500, I do believe members are getting some value. This is especially true for Internet marketing newbies because there are a lot files with eBooks for beginners. So far, I haven’t found anything new or revolutionary but I’ve only gone through a third of the files.

MoreCashClub.com place almost no emphasis on the products other than a very poorly done products page. Everything is based around trying to get people to join the club and earn $400 per referral. However, I can’t see many conversions with the current site.

Really Bad Sales Copy

MoreCashClub.com needs to hire a copywriter desperately. The main page has so many spelling, grammar and punctuation errors that you can’t even keep count. Formatting is horrible. There are quotes that are not attributed to anyone. The site uses a magnitude of different fonts, with some that are impossible to read. That might be a good thing because you may end up with a headache after reading a paragraph like this one.

I believe YOU CAN have this kind of lifestyle, while earning $3,000 to $5,000 a week or more, working only an hour or two each day, with Your Very Own Home Based Business? Making money online has never been easier!

The above wouldn’t be excusable even if English is not your first language. The amazing thing is, in the MoreCashClub.com about page, it states that Shannon Bishop is an author!

TOS Violations Galore

MoreCashClub.com features third party advertising at the bottom of the page. That in itself would make members not promote the site because they don’t make money from the ads, Shannon does. Either Shannon hasn’t read the Google AdSense TOS or she just doesn’t care. Some pages have seven Google ads. In addition, Shannon has this little notice near the checkout box:

We are the best at what we do. If you don’t believe us, check out some of our competitors in the sponsored links, at the bottom of this page!

Gee, I wonder if that violates the, “May not encourage users to click the Google ads” rule?

Conflicting Messages and Credibility Problems

If you just follow our proven system, it will be impossible for you to fail!

This Package does not come with a refund policy.

MoreCashClub.com features an image near the checkout box that says the site uses 128bit SSL. However, the only form of payment it accepts is PayPal. Why do you need SSL when you don’t handle the sales transaction? I have a prize for anyone who can find MoreCashClub.com’s SSL certificate.

The site features a Microsoft.net icon but it’s hosted on a Linux server. There are also icons from the American Marketing Association, SEMPO and SMA-NA. I really wonder if MoreCashClub.com belongs to any of them. The Meet The team page had this little gem:

In 2006, Morecashclub, Inc. did nearly 1 million in sales and 75% was paid to the members in her program.

A check of the Whois shows the site didn’t go live until March 2007.

Even if the sales copy had perfect English, these conflicting images really makes one question the professionalism of the site. The funny thing is, Shannon Bishop probably thinks the SLL, Microsoft.net and other icons adds to the credibility.

Should You Join The Club?

If MoreCashClub.com wishes to get more members, they’re going to have to completely redo the sales page, correct all the conflicting messages and remove the third party advertising that only makes money for Shannon Bishop. As it stands right now, I don’t see many people joining.

In a way, that’s kinda sad because the e-products really aren’t half bad. Mind you, you could probably find them all on the Net for free but by the time you find the last one, you may wish you had just paid the $500.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a Get Rich Quick site to make. 😈