Vote It! WordPress Plugin

I’ve received an email from Maik Schindler of about his new Vote It! WordPress Plugin. Think of it as the Digg This button taken to the next level. Instead of just placing a Digg This button on your blog posts, Vote It! can place any social media button into your articles.

Social media sites like Digg are a great way to get traffic to your blog. Hitting the front page generally means thousands of new visitors checking out your article. Many webmasters dismiss the value of social media traffic because it’s very hard to convert. However, any traffic can be monetized if you know what you’re doing. Getting John Chow dot Com on the front page of Digg over and over again was how I built my initial reader base. I made good use of that Digg This button to help me get those Diggs. However, had Vote It! been around back then, I would have used it for sure.

Vote it

The plugin is very easy to install – just upload to your WordPress plugins folder and activate. The setup is pretty self explanatory. You enter the codes for the various social media buttons and then tell the Plugin where to place the buttons on your blog posts.

The only downside I can see is if you’re using too many social media sites. Your posts would be full of buttons and that’s bound to lower its effectiveness. I recommend you use no more than three buttons at any one time.