Vote for Ashley Chow and You Might Win a Macbook Pro

Ashley Chow and her marketing team at BCIT decided to enter the school’s 3blog Nights video competition. Students from all over the campus were invited to submit videos explaining/promoting why they think BCIT is the best school in BC. People can then vote for their favorite video and the one with the most votes will win a nice prize. In this case, the winner gets a new 13″ aluminum uni-body Macbook Pro.

Vote for Ashley’s Team and You Might Win a Mackbook Pro!

Here’s the deal. Ashley’s team is made up of six members. It’s pretty hard to divide one Macbook Pro among six students. If they win, they plan to sell the laptop and divide up the cash (staving students always need cash). I plan to buy the laptop off them and give it away to one of you. Before I can do that, Ashley and her team needs to win this competition. This is where you and your vote comes in. Watch their video and then go vote for it. It just might win you a brand new Macbook Pro!

*UPDATE – Ashley’s video is now in 1st place! That means a Macbook Pro will be given away to one lucky reader! However, let’s really pull ahead of the pack and win this by a huge margin. If you haven’t voted yet, please vote! It could win you a Macbook Pro!

Deadline for voting is Oct. 26 at 7:00 PM PDT – Go Vote Now!