Volkner’s $2.4 Million Motorhome Can House Your $3.5 Million Bugatti Chiron

When it comes to homes on wheels, the Performance S motorhome by Volkner Mobil is probably the most luxurious imaginable. Not only does it feel like a hotel inside, the motorhome is big enough to house a Bugatti Chiron. Now you can take your hypercar with you when you go camping!

The Volkner Performance S motorhome starts at €2,035,000 ($2.4 million at current exchange rates), which sounds like a lot but it’s actually over $1 million less than the Bugatti Chiron it’s carrying.

The under-vehicle garage emerges hydraulically. You drive the car onto the platform, and then it slides underneath the motorhome. Volkner says no tie-downs are necessary. Volkner pitches this as letting you haul a second vehicle without needing a trailer. Or you can hook up a trailer to it and haul two supercars with you to the campsite!

Inside the Performance S, you’ll find a high-end Burmester stereo that represents $355,000 of the motorhome’s $2.4 million asking price. The power-rising storage area for plates and cups is another cool feature, and the shower is massive by motorhome standards. There’s a full kitchen with induction stove, oven, microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher, espresso machine, and a wine cabinet. The Performance S is more of a land yacht than a motorhome.

At 12 meters, the Volkner Performance S is not the longest motorhome on the road, but thanks to its garage, it is the coolest. Power comes from either a Volvo engine making 454 hp or a Mercedes power plant with 424 hp.

The Volkner Performance S offers the ultimate way to take a long-distance drive. Plus, once you reach your destination, there’s a supercar (two if you hook up a trailer) to take for a thrilling night out on the town.