Vokner’s $2.1 Million Motorhome Can House Your $5 Million LeFerrari

When it comes to homes on wheels, the Performance S motorhome by Volkner Mobil is probably the most luxurious imaginable. Not only does it feel like a hotel inside, the motorhome is big enough to house a super limited LeFerrari. Now you can take your hypercar with you when you go camping!

The Volkner Performance S motorhome starts at €2,035,000 ($2.1 million at current exchange rates), which sounds like a crazy amount of money for a motorhome, but it’s actually less than half the cost of the LeFerrari it’s carrying.

The under-vehicle garage emerges hydraulically. You drive the car onto the platform, and then it slides underneath the motorhome. Volkner says no tie-downs are necessary. Volkner pitches this as letting you haul a second vehicle without needing a trailer. You can load and unload from either side of the motorhome. In this case, the LeFerrari was loaded from the driver side of the coach and then moved to the passenger side for display.

The new Volkner has some interesting options previous Performance S did not have, starting with its 135 square feet rooftop deck. The deck is designed to seat six to eight for stargazing, spectating, people watching and general fresh air relaxation. However, it’s a bit awkward to get to via a ladder in the bathroom shower.

The remainder of the roof is dedicated to stuff you’ll need when at the campsite, including a 2,000 watt solar panel array, satellite dish, 4G antenna and dual air conditioning system.

The custom interior of the Performance S features a unique layout for a Vokner. There is high L-shaped kitchen counter with barstools to make the coach feel more like a home or on a yacht. On the other side of that bar top, the kitchen area comes stocked with a three-burner induction cooktop, oven, microwave, dishwasher, and refrigerator with separate 12-bottle wine cooler.

Another feature unique to this Vokner is the use of a daybed instead of a normal sofa in the front living area. This bed makes use of the driver-side wall slide-out to create more living space.

The night bed is located in the rear bedroom. It would appear the buyer of this particular Performance S spends a lot of time sitting up while reading, working or web surfing because the bed has a tall cushioned headrest, which replaces the window that would otherwise be visible there.

Volkner motorhomes are normal equipped with Burmester audio systems. However, this customer specced out their own custom sound system with speakers throughout, including 5.1 surround sound in the living area. LED smart TVs in the living room and bedroom supply the video entertainment.

This Performance S is built on top of a Volvo bus chassis with 503-hp rear engine. At 12 meters, the Volkner Performance S is not the longest motorhome on the road, but thanks to its garage, it is the coolest and most expensive. You will either be the envy of the campsite, or rich shamed to death.